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The Full Havanese Description

The Havanese is a sturdy, short-legged small dog with a soft profuse, untrimmed coat. His plumed tail is carried curled over his back. He is an affectionate, happy dog with a lively, springy gait.

Indicative Breed Standard


General Appearance

Small, sturdy, slightly longer in body than height at withers. Profusely coated, tail carried in plume over back.


Lively, affectionate and intelligent.


Friendly, outgoing.

Head and Skull

Nose to stop and stop to occiput to be equal in length, skull broad, slightly rounded, moderate stop. Muzzle not snipey or blunt, cheeks flat. Nose and lips solid black, although for brown shades the pigment may be brown.


Dark, large, almond shaped, gently expression, eyerims black. In brown shades eyes can be a slightly lighter colour, eyerims brown.


Moderately pointed and dropped, set on just above eye level, slightly raised, neither fly away nor framing the cheeks.


Jaws strong with perfect regular scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.


Medium length.


Legs straight, medium bone. Shoulders well laid.


Equal in height from withers to elbow as from elbow to ground. Slightly longer from point of shoulder to point of buttock than height at withers, level topline, slight rise over loin, well sprung ribs, with good tuck-up.


Medium boned, moderate angulation.


Small, tight, hare foot.


Set high, carried over the back; profusely feathered with long silky hair.


Free with a springy step, legs moving parallel also the line of travel.


Soft, silky, wavy or slightly curled, full coated with an undercoat.


Any colour or combination of colours permissible.


Ideal height 23-28cm (9-11 inches).

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