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Everything You Need To Know About Pet Sales

  • 16/07/2022

Who does not want a cute pet around the house to lighten up their life? Not only do they fill you with joy and overload you with cuteness, but they can also make a great companion when you are feeling alone. No wonder you have already made up your mind on buying a pet and also are set on a breed.

However, the joy and excitement of bringing the new member home can almost blind you and you tend to overlook the crucial factors. You must not forget the fact that the sales market of pets is filled with lies and deceiving promises from the breeders.

Therefore, this article will walk you through everything you need to know about pet sales.

Things that you must be aware of about pet sales

Below are the things that you need to know about puppy sales.

“You must not consider anyone else except reputable breeders”

Pet stores will tell you anything to make a sale. However, the first thing they say is that they bring the pets from a reputable breeder, whereas, they bring them from pet mills in reality. Therefore, you must investigate thoroughly before relying on the pet store and ask for the documents of the breeder. Also, reach out to the customers and local people, ask about their experiences and read reviews to support your decision.

“The pet store must suggest the right pet for your lifestyle”

Your pet store seems to be very welcoming in helping you choose the best fit. However, they can be quite deceiving in reality for profits. They may not have the breed you are looking for, or find out that they cannot make enough profit from selling your favourite pet. Thus, they may try to manipulate you to the ones that they find more profitable. You must be aware of the red flags when you see the pet store suggesting you a pet that does not suit your lifestyle. For example, suggesting a Husky for a small apartment, or a Persian cat to a very busy person.

“You will not get your desired puppy in just one go”

When it comes down to finding the one you have set your heart on, it can be a bit of a hassle. If you step into the pet shopping scene, you must be mentally prepared to hop more than you can think of. It is nearly impossible to find your favourite breed with all the breed standards in a single visit to just one store. If it happens, then you must be lucky enough. But mostly you will find the pet store ran out of the one you are looking for and end up putting you on a waiting list.

“Pets must be licensed by standardized authority”

Not just documentation of the breeder is enough, but you also must check if the pet is licensed by the standardized authority. Every country has a separate authority that produces a licence for pets on a parameter of their health. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of such authorization and not overlook it while buying a pet.

“Parents’ history and health guarantee is a must”

Whether you are searching for toy puppies or the big ones, their health matters the most in the long run. Most pet store enchants you with their deceiving promises about the health of their pets. However, the only way to be assured that your pet passes all the health standards of the breed is to ask for a medical report and a Mediclaim or health guarantee. Alongside, you must ask for substantial reports of the history of the dam, sire and other relatives of your pet to be assured that it is not passing any genetic defect or disease.

“You must clear out some questions before a purchase”

People usually hesitate to question much in the pet store or do not know how to enquire properly. The pet stores also take the advantage of it to drive you towards a wrong decision. Of course, you are not the expert or the one seeing the pet for a long time but they are. So, do not step back to ask for the parents’ picture or other smaller things.

“You must take your furry baby home with proper paperwork”

Lastly, proper paperwork keeps you at an advantage. So, ensure you are making a proper agreement, having a medical guarantee and other assurance in the papers. For example, keep proof of Mediclaim where the pet store abides to provide certain services or pay back some money agreed by both parties and take all the responsibility if any genetic disease arises.


So, these are all the things you must know about pet sales and must not overlook while making your purchase. Keeping these in mind will not only help you to choose the right fit for you but also the healthiest one.

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