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4 Compelling Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Dog

  • 13/02/2022
adopt-a-dog.jpegDogs are considered man’s best friends - this fact certainly comes with good reasons. Dogs are loyal, friendly, loving, and caring. They’re the perfect four-legged member of the family to bring home. Despite all the positive traits dogs have, however, there are still those that sadly make their way to the shelter. Some end up in shelters because their owner has died, the dog has been left alone, kicked out, battered, or perhaps considered violent. Whatever reasons there may be, dog shelters exist and they’d love to have potential dog owners visit them for adoption.  

When one decides to bring home dogs living in Palestine, among other places, however, the first choice is usually to run to the local pet store to buy one. Some also approach dog breeders. But, how about the dog shelters? If you can adopt and not shop, that would certainly be a better way to bring home a new dog.  

Still not convinced that adopting a shelter dog is a good idea? Here’s a list of four compelling reasons to help you decide.

    1.      You’ll Save A Dog’s Life  

      Topping this list is the very fact that adopting a dog from a shelter may just enable you to save their life. Dogs don’t stay in shelters forever. When their ‘deadline’ has arrived, many dogs will be euthanized. It's a difficult decision for shelter staff to make, but one they’re left without a choice.  

      Shelter space is limited. For some, there’s the problem of funding, too. The number of dogs euthanized can be significantly reduced when more people adopt shelter dogs rather than shop from pet stores and breeders. Every dog deserves to have a home, especially those neglected and left in shelters.  

        2.      You’re Giving A Dog A New Chance To Be Free Again

          Yes, you’re saving a dog’s life. But, beyond just giving them a new chance at life, adopting a shelter dog also gives you the honor of giving a dog a chance to be themselves again. Dogs are emotional animals, and certainly, they feel the abandonment of their owners when they’re sent to shelters. It's normal for shelter dogs to get depressed, sad, and anxious.  

          On top of that, shelter dogs have to stay within the confines of their fences. They can still move around and stretch, that’s for sure. But, those small movements are nothing compared to the freedom dogs have when they can play with their owners, walk around, or play in the garden. 

          You can put a smile on a dog’s face – after a long period of sadness when you take them home for a second chance to be themselves. Those quick and long-tail wiggles are proof of that happiness. 

            3.      You Can Help Free Up Shelter Space 

              When you adopt a shelter dog, you’re helping free up shelter space. By doing this, you’re able to help the shelter open up its doors to at least one more dog. 

              Ideally, no dog should ever be sent to the shelter. Unfortunately, not every dog owner is as loving and caring as some are. Many dogs get physically abused, tortured, or neglected by their owners. So, the shelter is their haven. 

              Unfortunately, if the shelter becomes full, it can’t accommodate more dogs that need help. It is the reason why the adoption rates have to increase. Doing so creates the never-ending ripple effect of giving more dogs a brand-new life. 

                4.      You Have Higher Guarantee Of A Healthy Pet 

                  Surely, no one wants a sickly dog. Apart from the financial implications and responsibilities of having one, a sickly dog is also an emotional pain both for the dog itself and you, the family taking care of it.

                  It’s a common misconception that shelter dogs are sickly and violent. Before dogs are released for adoption, the shelter team has already gone through all measures to care for the abandoned dog. Not many shelter dogs are also there because they’re abused. It means you don’t need to worry about any injuries which will make it difficult for you to care for the dog. 

                  Many shelter dogs are also where they are because of ‘people reasons’: their owners have split or divorced, are terminally ill in the hospital, or have died. So, the dog itself has no impending health problems

                  Of course, this isn’t to say that caring for sick or physically-impaired dogs is a no-no. If you’re up for the challenge, then go for it. But, if you have a choice to bring home a healthy one as you can’t commit to the time and expense the care entails, there are lots of healthy dogs in shelters to choose from. 


                  If you’ve been thinking about adding a new pet to your family, a trip to the shelter should be one of your options. Remember, it’s not just in the pet shops where you can get new dogs. There are hundreds of others in dog shelters waiting for their forever home. Hopefully, the reasons enumerated above have convinced you to adopt poor dogs in animal shelters. Who knows, you might leave the shelter with a dog or two you’re now ready to love at home.  

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