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10 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Play With Their Pets

  • 28/01/2022
kids-playing-scottish-terrier.jpgWhen families adopt new pets, children get excited to have a new furry best friend. After a while, their interest might turn back to their hobbies. They might also wonder how to have fun with your family pet because they don’t have experience with animals. This guide features 10 ways to encourage your kids to play with their pets so everyone has more daily fun.

1. Find Different Pet Toys

The best way to get started with pet-inclusive playtime is to find new toys designed for their animalistic interests. Your cat may respond well to a feather wand toy because it activates their instinct to catch flighty prey. Your dog might adore a rope toy that instigates tug-of-war games. Find new pet toys that introduce different play methods if their current toys don’t interest them or your kids.

2. Start a Family Game

Young kids love the adrenaline rush of playing hide and seek, so start a family game that includes your dog. You can train them to play by having one family member hold them while another person hides. When your dog finds them, reward them with a treat and continue the fun training until they can sniff everyone out from their favorite hiding spots.

This is a great option because kids of all ages can play this game, but consider your dog’s history before trying it at home. Rescue dogs with abandonment trauma will not respond well when their owners disappear, so don’t play this game if it could trigger their anxiety or fear.

3. Create an Obstacle Course

Cats and dogs will equally have fun in a household obstacle course. Your kids can set up couch cushions, boxes and pillows to create a challenging, exciting environment. Have them participate in each indoor or outdoor obstacle alongside your family pet so everyone gets moving and has a great time.

4. Construct a Playground

Backyard playsets are an excellent opportunity for kids and pets. They’ll get fresh air while exercising on equipment that inspires their imaginations. Parents can choose from traditional playsets or modern designs that match each set to backyards.

Natural playgrounds are one way to create a play zone without interrupting your backyard’s design. The equipment use designs that integrate with your backyard landscaping to blend with the surrounding environment. Consider adding a sandpit, water feature or a tree swing where everyone can play with the family pet in a safely fenced backyard.

5. Compromise With Your Pets Needs

Your pet may not be able to play with your kids right now because they need extra help. Find a safe compromise by considering their needs. Your hamster will need a hamster ball to hang out in the playroom while your kids have their toys out. A bird might have to have a bigger cage or training to fly around your home safely.

6. Get More Active

Do your kids have bikes? Take the dog on your next cycling adventure. Bigger dogs can run alongside you on their leash and small dogs can sit in bike baskets. You can even get a dog trailer that zips your furry friend inside a safe compartment that rolls behind your bike.

Unless your kids are in their teen years, it’s safer for parents to take on this responsibility. Your dog could yank on their leash when they need to relieve themselves or if they see a squirrel. The person attached to them will have to think quickly and use years of cycling experience to stay upright while responding to your dog.

7. Play Ice Cube Hockey

Anyone with hardwood or vinyl flooring can play ice cube hockey with their cat or dog. Two people have to stand on either side of a room and try to kick an ice cube into the other person’s established goal. Your family pet will love chasing you around or trying to catch the ice cube before it melts.

8. Give Everyone Laser Pointers

Cats respond well to laser pointers because they want to catch the red dot. Your kids will get a good laugh out of watching their cat run around the floors and furniture while they’re on the chase. Depending on their personality, your dog could also react to a laser pointer. As long as your children know not to point the laser in each other’s eyes, it’s a safe indoor way to encourage your kids to play with their pets.

9. Have a Dance Party

Who doesn’t enjoy a dance party? Turn on your kids’ favorite tunes and dance around to each song. Your dog won’t know what the songs mean, but they’ll be thrilled to dance alongside everyone. The excitement will be contagious and the exercise will tire everyone out before their afternoon nap.

10. Invite Their Friends Over

It’s always easy to have more fun with your friends. Invite your children’s friends over for a playdate that includes your family’s pet. They could splash around in a kiddie pool with your dog or play dress-up with your cat. It all depends on what your kids like to do when their friends come over.

Enjoy Playing With Your Pets

These are a few simple ways to encourage your kids to play with their pets. See which activities work best with their personalities and interests. When they find something that everyone enjoys, your pets will have a blast hanging out together.

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