The Differences Between a Collie and Sheltie

  • 26/11/2010

Shelties are known as Shetland Sheepdogs when referring to their breed name. They are oftentimes confused with a Collie, and sometimes even called "miniature collies." However, for those who are unfamiliar with the two dogs, a Collie and Sheltie are two very distinct breeds. They do look alike, but the differences between the two are quite vast.

Sheltie Size:
As a breed, a Sheltie is a bit smaller in size than a Collie. Weighing in at 15-25 pounds, in comparison to a full-grown Collie which in adulthood weighs 40-70 pounds and can stand up to 25 inches in height.

Coat of a Sheltie:
Although a Sheltie appears very much like a smaller version of a rough-coated Collie, a Sheltie coat does not come in the same two colored variations as a Collie. Additionally, a rough-coated Collie, which looks very much like a Sheltie, also has a cousin, a smooth-coated Collie with a coat of hair that measures 1-inch in length.

History of a Sheltie:
Collies first came into existence around the 17th century in Scotland and were used as sheep herders. It was their responsibility to keep a herd of sheep together. Shelties, however, were developed in the Shetland Islands during the 1800's, and while they were used for herding purposes, their task was very different. Shelties were used on the farm to prevent sheep from entering vegetable fields to graze. The reason that they appear so similar to a Collie is because it was one of the breeds that went into creating the Shetland Sheepdog.

Personality of a Sheltie:
Collies are a breed of dog that have a regal quality and refined demeanor. They are a calm breed, particularly indoors, and might appear to be somewhat aloof in the presence of strangers. In contrast, a Sheltie is quite lively and energetic. They have a sense of clownishness that a Collie simply does not. They are by very nature, much more active than a Collie and not as wary of strangers.

Shelties are also highly intelligent and make a great companion for children, being very patient and sweet natured. They are also very easy to train, though if you are looking for a less active companion- type of dog, a Collie may be better suited.

A Sheltie might seem more content for apartment life than a Collie, just because of the size difference, but this is not always the case. Though Shelties are smaller, they are more active and need more activity and exercise than a Collie, who is content with a daily walk to meet their exercise requirements.

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