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Puppy Toys For Your Dachshund - 4 Tips On What To Consider

  • 16/08/2012

Anyone who has ever had a new puppy in their home, knows that they are full of energy and spend the day looking for something to play with. This situation is a lot like having a child, you feed them, keep them clean and you play with them in some manner. Since puppies have very sharp teeth, it is safer to use a toy than to actually let the puppy chew on your finger.

Your choice of a puppy toy for your new Dachshund can be extremely important. The toy could be dangerous if too small, if it has too many parts that could be swallowed and if it can be chewed into pieces that the puppy could choke on.

Here are 4 tips that I think you should consider when making a selection of a toy for your puppy.

Tip 1

Squeaky toys can be fun, but be careful.

Since your puppy will continually chew on the toy to make it squeak, you should keep an eye on the condition of the toy. The rubber on a squeaky toy can be thin and may develop holes after hours of being chewed on. Your puppy will tear at these holes and may break off pieces that they will swallow. The squeaker can be released by all the chewing and the puppy could choke on this piece of metal. Throw this type of toy into the trash when they show too much sign of wear.

Tip 2

Keep in mind that Dachshund puppies are babies

Because puppies are really baby dogs, you need to be just as careful in choosing toys as you would be if you were choosing a toy for your child. You wouldn't give a small infant, toys with small removable parts, beady eyes or strings that could come loose. These things could be dangerous for your pet because all of them could be pulled off the toy and possibly cause choking. You need to use the same good judgment when you buy the best toys for your puppy as when you buy toys for your baby.

Tip 3

Don't go too small

When doing your shopping, you want to make certain that the toys you select aren't too small. A puppy is just like a small baby, they will stick everything into their mouths and chew with great vigor. Since they are babies, a puppy will chew on anything without understanding the concept of choking. A toy that is too small, or one that could potentially be broken or chewed into small pieces, could be swallowed or lodged in your puppy's throat. The larger your puppy, the greater the chance that they could choke on a small toy. A small puppy will not be able to get many things into their mouth, but could chew on their toy until a piece breaks off.

Tip 4

Buy your Dachshund puppy toys at a pet store

In my opinion, the best place to buy puppy toys is at a pet store. Generally speaking, you can be sure that their toys are specially designed to be safe and fun for puppies. What I like about shopping at a pet store is that there are employees who can help you find toys designed to be good for your pup. They can guide you in finding toys that puppies can chew when teething, brightly colored toys to stimulate and interest them and toys that are safe for all sizes. The employees can show you toys that move or roll, bounce or jump and toys that your pup will enjoy playing with.

A new Dachshund puppy in your home is a fun and exciting time for the children and adults. It only takes a few minutes to realize that the new addition loves to play and chew on everything in the home. Nothing is scared to the pup, fingers, shoes and furniture can all be on the losing end of their sharp little teeth. Getting some good toys for your puppy is the answer to most of these problems. Helpful information will assist you in choosing the best and least dangerous toy for your new Dachshund puppy.

Robert D Schroeder is a Dachshund owner who loves owning and playing with his pets. Toys for the dog are an essential part of keeping the house and furniture safe from chewing. Your choice of toys is very important in keeping your dog safe from dangerous toys. At you can learn about Dachshunds and what you can do to play and protect them.

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