Estrela Mountain Dog - Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Estrela Mountain Dog

  • 27/12/2010

Breed Description

The Estela Mountain Dog is a large breed of great substance. They are a well-built mastiff dog that shows strength and vigor. Their name was derived from a mountain in the central portion of Portugal where they came from. This breed weighs 60-110 pounds, with a shoulder height averaging from 24-28 inches.


The Estrela Mountain Dog is thickly coated, that may be long or short-haired. They are double-coated, with a bit coarse topcoat that may lie flat close to the body, and a very dense inner coat that is usually lighter than the outer coat. Breed standards allow fawn, wolfgray, yellow, and brindle, white markings can be acceptable, too, provided that they have black masks.


Due to their large size, the Estrela Mountain Dog will require a considerable amount of area and activity. They love going for long brisk walks, and although will not mind if not given daily as long as they are given a securely fenced space for them to roam around to.


The Estrela Mountain Dog is placid, loyal, calm, reliable, and devoted. Their natural distrust for strangers make them a great watch dog. They bold tightly with one person, and may find it hard to accept new owners or handlers. They also make great companions for children, and consider all people and even animals to be their responsibility to take care of. As they tend to be stubborn, a firm and patient trainer are needed for this breed to give them training as early as possible.


Bred for guarding and herding, the Estrela Mountain Dog was valued by both aristocrats and farmers due to their skills in both estate and flock. This dog is known to be among of the oldest breeds in Portugal.


The Estrela Mountain Dog does not require that much grooming. They will only need weekly brushing, especially behind the ears. Due to their thick coat, they are perfect for places with cold climates, but may live in hot places provided that shelter is given. They are known to be picky eaters, and will need a great deal of water. This breed is generally healthy, but as with other large dogs, they are prone to elbow and hip dysplasia.


Bred to protect their flocks, this breed is highly independent, and will require a handler that can keep up with the willful Estrela Mountain Dog. They are highly intelligent, and will stop to think other options before obeying a command. Early socialization is highly recommended to keep them from becoming over-protective of family and suspicious of strangers. Obedience training is very useful for this breed, and may be competent in obedience competition if owners work consistently with them. Due to the fact that they can be challenging to train, the Estrela Mountain Dog is not recommended for inexperienced owners.


The Estrela Mountain dog is intelligent, attentive, willing to learn, yet stubborn at times. They make great household pet since they are loyal, watchful, with the instinct to care for the young. They are known to bark when suspicious of something, making them an effective guard dog.

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