English Bull Terrier - A Guide and Introduction

  • 01/10/2011

English Bull terriers can sometimes get a bad reputation for being quite aggressive dogs, but there is little truth to this statement. This breed is instantly recognisable by the unusual shape of its head, which has been described as an egg shaped head. Some people think that they look ugly or bizarre, but in my opinion they look beautiful.

Another feature of this breed of dog is their triangular eyes, which are quite small and also set deep into the head. They are very stocky and muscular dogs and also very powerful, which is probably where they got the nickname "the gladiator of the dog race" from.

To get an idea of why these dogs were bred this way we need to go back in time to when they first appeared. It was around the 19th century when two popular breeds called the Bull and then the Terrier where bred together for the very first time. This was because they wanted a better fighting dog than the Bull breed was giving. The idea was that if they bred the two breeds together, it would increase tenacity and the energy needed for fighting. They were also bred for the use of vermin control.

So after the bull and the terrier were bred the name for the new breed was Bull Terrier and then Staffordshire bull Terrier, the English Bull Terrier had not been bred just yet, but the time was drawing closer!

1860 would be the time for the idea of the English bull terrier, all thanks to a man named James Hinks. It was this man who decided to start breeding Bull and Terriers with English white terriers, mainly because he wanted a nicer and cleaner looking dog with a better head. That was not the actual time that these dogs were named English Bull terriers, this took many more years.

The dog that James Hinks had bred was very popular with people and breeding continued until the English Bull terrier was born. They used to be just white in colour, but now they may be any colour - White, brindle, rose and others.

These dog breeds have appeared in numerous movie appearances from pig in the city to television appearances such as Barking Mad. All this is because of their good looks and fun loving nature, they are also very intelligent dogs, but they can be quite stubborn when they want to be, this is why it is best that they are trained by an experienced owner.

Although this breed was originally bred for fighting and controlling vermin, two pastimes that needed a dog with an aggressive streak. These days the dogs are not bred for that purpose and they have very playful and fun loving temperaments. Do not misunderstand me though, they are fearless and will fight for the owner if they think the owner is in trouble.

The English Bull terrier is a great breed, and can be a loving family dog, like all dogs they need to be brought up with responsible owners. They can also be good with children, although the child does need to make sure the dog knows who the boss is, as soon as they think that they are in control, problems can arise. They do need a firm hand and sensitive training.

About the Author
Roger Burningham is a short article writer and Intrapreneur who is also an English Bull Terrier owner, more of his work can be seen at:
http://www.english-bull-terrier.co.uk and his web-log at: English Bull Terrier Web-Log.

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