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The Full Welsh Terrier Description

The Welsh Terrier is a zippy little companion, always looking for action and entertainment. He loves to splash in the water and go for long country runs. Welsh Terriers are lovable buddies, and unlike some terriers, are surprisingly well mannered with other dogs.

Did you know?

In old times the Welsh Terrier was known as Old English Terrier or Black-&-Tan Wire Haired Terrier.
The Welsh Terriers' native home is Wales and was used extensively as a sporting dog.
Welsh Terriers were shown in dog shows as early as the 1800's.

So You Want To Own A Welsh Terrier?

Welsh Terriers make excellent city or apartment dog.
The Welsh Terrier is a sturdy and rugged dog always alert and ready for action.
The Welsh Terrier's wiry dense coat requires weekly brushing.
The Welsh Terrier will be content in a city apartment or in the country. He is a friendly, outgoing, and playful dog who loves people.

Indicative Breed Standard

General Appearance

Smart, workmanlike, well balanced and compact.


Affectionate, obedient and easily controlled.


Happy and volatile, rarely of shy nature. Game and fearless but definitely not aggressive although at all times able to hold his own when necessary.

Head and Skull

Flat, of moderate width between ears. Jaws powerful, clean cut, rather deep and punishing. Stop not too defined, medium length from stop to end of nose. Nose black.  Small, well set in, dark, expression indicative of temperament. A round, full eye undesirable.


V-shaped, small, leathers not too thin, set on fairly high, carried forward and close to cheek.


Jaws strong with perfect, regular scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws.


Moderate length and thickness, slightly arched and sloping gracefully into shoulders.


Shoulders long, sloping and well set back. Legs straight and muscular, possessing ample bone, with upright and powerful pasterns.


Back short and well ribbed up, loin strong, good depth and moderate width of chest.


Strong, thighs muscular, of good length, with hocks well bent, well let down and with ample bone.


Small, round and cat-like.


Customarily docked. Docked: Well set on. Carried erect but not too gaily. Undocked: Well set on. Carried erect but not too gaily. In overall balance with the rest of dog.


Fore- and hindlegs carried straight forward and parallel. Elbows move perpendicular to body, working free of sides, stifles turning neither in nor out.


Wiry, hard, very close and abundant. Single coat undesirable.


Black and tan for preference, or black grizzle and tan, free from black pencilling on toes. Black below hocks most undesirable.


Height at shoulder not exceeding 39 cms (151/2 ins). Weight: 9-9.5 kgs (20-21 lbs).

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