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The Full Swedish Lapphund Description

Indicative Breed Standard


General Appearance

Typical Spitz dog. Of medium size and rectangular shape.


Intelligent, quick to learn and patient.


Kind, friendly, devoted, lively and alert.

Head and Skull

Wedge shaped, slightly longer than broad, fairly prominent occiput. Stop well defined, muzzle a little more than one third length of head. Foreface strong with no suggestion of snipiness. Nose dark, preferably black, bridge straight.


Set well apart, round, dark brown and full of expression. Rims well pigmented.


Set well apart, short, erect, pointed and very mobile. Broad and slightly rounded at base. Tipped or dropped ears highly undesirable.


Jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Close fitting lips. Lips and palate strongly pigmented.


Powerful, medium length without dewlap.


Forelegs straight, elbows fitting close to chest, shoulders sloping and well laid back.


Slightly longer than height at withers. Chest rather deep reaching to elbow, forechest well developed. Back straight and muscular. Loins short and broad. Croup long and broad, well muscled and slightly sloping. Ribcage long and oval.


Strong, good width, moderate turn of stifle and hocks which are low set. Dewclaws highly undesirable.


Strong, oval and compact with firm pads. Nails and pads black.


High set, reaching to hock when extended. Bushy, long, dense hair. Carried curled over back when moving, may drop when at rest.


Light and springy covering ground with drive.


Weather resistant. Hair standing straight out from body. Short on head and front of legs. Longer on brisket, thighs and tail. Forming a ruff round neck. Undercoat dense and finely curled.


Bear-brown, black, brown, a combination of black and brown, solid colours preferred. White mark on chest, white feet and white tip of tail acceptable. More white markings objectionable.


Height: dogs: 45-51 cms (18-20 ins), ideal height 48 cms (19 ins); bitches: 40-46 cms (16-18 ins), ideal 43 cms (17 ins).

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