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The Full Neapolitan Mastiff Description

The Neapolitan Mastiff is steady and loyal to his owner, not aggressive or apt to bite without reason. As a protector of his property and owners, he is always watchful and does not relish intrusion by strangers into his personal space.

Indicative Breed Standard

General Appearance

Well boned, large, strongly built, vigorous, alert and muscular. Of majestic bearing, with intelligent expression.


A degree of loose-fitting skin over body and head, with some dewlap, is a feature, not to be excessive.


Devoted and loyal guard of owner and property.

Head and Skull

Head large, broad short skull. Broad across cheeks. Head proportion: skull length 2 : 3 to muzzle 1 : 3. Top of skull parallel to topline of muzzle. Well pronounced, definite stop, nose should not protrude beyond vertical line of muzzle. Nose large with well opened nostrils, lips full and heavy. Upper lip resembles inverted V. Muzzle deep, sides flat and vertical, showing flews. Head deep and spherical.


Set forward, well apart, rather rounded. Set fairly deep. Rim pigmentation to tone with nose colour.


Small for size of head, set forward, high and well apart. Triangular, hanging flat towards cheeks, but not reaching beyond line of throat.


Teeth white and regular. Strong, well developed jaws, with scissor bite, but level tolerated. Scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws.


Short, stocky, very muscular, dewlap from lower jaw reaching mid-point of neck.


Shoulder long, slightly sloping with well developed and definite muscle. Elbows not too close to body to allow very free action. Pasterns slightly sloping, legs vertical when viewed from front.


Longer than height at withers. Broad, well muscled chest, ribcage reaching at least to elbow. Ribs long and well sprung. Topline straight, slightly lower than withers, line of belly parallel to topline.


Broad loin, well let into backline, slightly rounded with well developed muscle. Croup broad, muscular, with slight slope. Thighs long, broad, moderate stifle, powerful hocks. Dewclaws (single or double) removed.


Oval; close, arched toes. Pads thick, hard and dark coloured. Nails curved, strong and dark. Hindfeet slightly smaller than front.


Customarily docked. Docked: Customarily docked by 1/3 of length. Thick at root, set on slightly lower than topline. Tapering towards the tip. Never carried up or over back, but may be carried level with topline when moving. Undocked: Thick at root, set on slightly lower than topline. Tapering towards the tip. Never carried up or over back but may be carried level with topline when moving. In overall balance with the rest of the dog.


Slow, free, bear-like. Slow trot, long steps covering ground well. Rarely gallops.


Short, dense, even, fine, hard texture, with good sheen. No fringe.


Preferred black, blue, all shades of grey, brown varying from fawn to red. Brindling on either of the latter colours. Small star on chest and white on toes permissible. Pigmentation to tone with coat colours.


Height: 65-75 cms (25½-29½ ins); Weight: 50-70 kgs (110-154 lbs). Some tolerance allowed. Bitches somewhat less.

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