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The Full Löwchen Description

The Löwchen is alert, intelligent, and affectionate with the overall qualities of a loving companion dog. It has a lively, outgoing, and inquisitive personality.

Did you know?

Löwchen means Little Lion Dog.

Indicative Breed Standard


General Appearance

Coat clipped in traditional lion clip, tail also clipped, topped with plume, giving appearance of a little lion. Strongly built, active, well balanced and alert.


Gay, happy, lively little dog.


Intelligent, affectionate showing no sign of aggression.

Head and Skull

Short, fairly broad. Skull flat between the ears, head carried proud and high. Well defined stop; short, strong muzzle.


Round, dark, large and intelligent. Unbroken pigmentation of eye rims, pigment to be in accordance with coat colour.


Ears pendant, of moderate length with long fringing.


Jaws strong, with perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws.


Good length, proudly arched.


Forelegs straight and fine. Shoulders well laid.


Short, strong and well proportioned. Level topline. Ribs well sprung. Strong loin with moderate tuck-up.


Hindlegs well muscled, with good turn of stifle; straight when viewed from rear.


Medium length, clipped with tuft of hair to resemble a plume. Carried gaily on move.


Free, parallel movement fore and aft, no hackneyed action.


Fairly long, wavy, never curly. Single coat of soft texture.


Any colour or combination of colours permissible.


Height at withers 25-33 cms (10-13 ins).

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