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The Full Finnish Lapphund Description

Indicative Breed Standard

General Appearance

A Spitz-type dog of medium size, strongly built, slightly longer than height at withers.


Tendency to herd.


Intelligent, brave, calm, faithful. Suitable as companion and watch dog.

Head and Skull

Strong featured, comparatively broad, bitch’s more refined; forehead slightly rounded; stop clearly defined. Muzzle shorter than skull, straight and slightly tapering when viewed both above and side. Nose black.


Oval shaped; dark.


Erect, pointed, medium sized, set far apart, rather broad at base and very mobile.


Jaws strong with perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaw. Lips tight.


Medium long, strong, covered with thick hair.


Legs well boned, strong and straight. Elbows level with lowest edge of brisket. Shoulders well laid back.


Firm. Back strong, straight and broad. Brisket deep and long; moderate tuck up.


Strong boned. Strong and straight when viewed from behind. Hock of medium size. Dewclaws permitted.


Well arched, oval, covered with thick hair.


Medium length, covered with long hair. Carried curved over the back when dog is moving.


Free with parallel movement fore and aft.


Profuse. Outer coat long and coarse. Undercoat soft and thick. Shorter on the head and front parts of legs.


All colours are allowed, but the main colour must dominate. Marks differing from the dominant colour are permitted on head, neck, chest, legs and on tip of tail.


Height: dogs: 46-52 cms (18-201/2 ins) at withers; bitches: 41-47 cms (16-181/2 ins) at withers.

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