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The Full Field Spaniel Description

Eager and hardworking, with a good scenting ability, the Field Spaniel is an enthusiastic retriever with great endurance and noble attitude. He is an active and energetic dog who can live anywhere as long as he gets lots of daily exercise.

So you want to own a Field Spaniel?

The Field Spaniel needs to be a useful member of the family and may be trained to work as a hunter, obedience dog or in tracking.
The Field Spaniel combines energy and the enthusiasm for hunting with the affectionate personality of a companion dog.

Indicative Breed Standard


General Appearance

Well balanced, noble, upstanding sporting Spaniel built for activity and endurance.


Ideal for rough shooting or companion for the country dweller. Not suitable for city.


Unusually docile, active, sensitive, independent.

Head and Skull

Conveys the impression of high breeding, character and nobility. Well chiselled, occiput well defined, lean beneath eyes. A thickness here gives coarseness to whole head. Slightly raised eyebrows. Moderate stop. Nose well developed with good open nostrils. Muzzle long and lean neither snipy nor
squarely cut. In profile curving gradually from nose to throat.


Wide open but almond-shaped with tight lids showing no haw. Grave and gentle in expression. Dark hazel in colour.


Moderately long and wide, set low and well feathered.


Jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws.


Long, strong and muscular enabling dog to retrieve his game without undue fatigue.


Shoulders long and sloping and well laid back. Legs of moderate length. Straight, flat bone.


Chest deep and well developed. Ribs moderately well sprung. Length of rib cage is 2two-thirds of the body length. Back and loin strong, level and muscular.


Strong, muscular; stifles moderately bent. Hocks well let down.


Tight, round with strong pads and not too small.


Customarily docked. Docked: Docked by one third. Set on low. Never carried above level of back. Nicely feathered, with lively action. Undocked: Set low. Never carried above level of back. Nicely feathered with lively action. Reaches approximately to the hocks. Of moderate length in balance with the rest of
the dog.


Long, unhurried stride with great drive from the rear. Short, stumping action undesirable.


Long, flat, glossy and silky in texture. Never curly, short or wiry. Dense and weatherproof. Abundant feathering on chest, under body and behind legs, but
clean from hock to ground.


Black, liver or roan. Any one of these with tan markings. In self-coloured dogs white or roan on chest permissable. Clear black/white or liver/white unacceptable.


Height: approximately 46 cms (18 ins) at the shoulders. Weight: between 18-25 kgs (40-55 lbs).

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