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Indicative Breed Standard

General Appearance

Small white Toy dog with square, compact outline and distinctive coat.


Intelligent, companionable.



Head and Skull

Wide flat skull. Nose to stop slightly shorter than from stop to occiput. Accentuated stop. Nose large, black.


Large, round, dark with well pigmented rims.


Set on high, long, pendulous, carried away from head giving a broad appearance to head.


Jaws level, with perfect, regular scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws.


Clean, medium length.


Shoulders well laid, legs straight with slightly sloping pasterns. Elbows close to body.


Well sprung ribs, brisket reaching to elbows making half overall height at withers. Level back, loins slightly arched. Point of shoulder to point of buttock equals height at withers.


Well muscled, moderate turn of stifle, hocks well let down.


Oval, black nails and pads. Dewclaws customarily removed.


Set on at level of croup carried curved over back. Well feathered.


Normal and smart. Legs moving parallel. Ambling highly undesirable.


Long, flocked without curl covering entire head and body. Shown in natural state.


Pure white without markings, not even simple shadings. Lips, eyelids, nose and nails black.


Dogs 27-30.5 cms (101/2-12 ins). Bitches 25.5-28 cms (10-11 ins).

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