Dog Ear Care

Importance of Regular Home Dog Ear Care Routine home dog ear care is very important to the health of your dog. Performed between your regular checkups with the veterinarian, it will help keep your dog

Ear Mites in Dogs: Quite Earritating

By Dina M. Giolitto

Is Nail Trimming Time A Battle?

By Suzy Kanninno Does the idea of trimming your dog's nails send chills up your spine? After all, Giving poochie a bath - no problem. You might even be ok sticking a tooth brush in Lassie

Dog Boutiques

By Yoav Cohen Believe it or not boutiques for dogs are everywhere. Nowadays, pampering your dog is just as important as pampering yourself. Dog boutiques offer everything from tempting organic treats to studded diamond collars. Some boutiques even...

4 Ways In Which You Can Spoil Your Dog Rotten

By Mark Eckenrode

Pet Pampering Business is Booming

By Sharon Glorsky

Dog Coat Health

Keeping your dog

Defend Your Dog And Stop That Hurting Paw

Of course, we humans use shoes to protect our feet. We insist on it! But dogs usually don't have that luxury, and routinely walk over ice, rock, grass, cement and soil on their bare paws. Their paws' thick pads give them protection we don't have, ...

Care for your dog's ears

Routine ear care is very important to the health of your dog. Perform regular checks and cleaning between visits to your veterinarian, it will help keep your dog

Grooming Tips

Step one: dental care Research has found that cleaning your pets teeth can prevent tarter build up, disease and add up to four years to their life. And you don't have to spend as much time brushing their teeth as your own. Pet toothpaste is enzyma...