Why Every Pooch Needs A Grandparent

  • 17/12/2019

Hi there! I'm Chester, and I'm writing this letter from my room at the shelter. But I don't want you to feel sorry for me — I want to help make your life better! 

You see, every pooch needs a grandparent. We canines are the ultimate companion during your senior years. Why? I could list a million reasons, but here are my top nine. 

1. We Make Wonderful Helpers 

People have teamed up with my brothers and sisters for decades when they need a little help. We pooches can serve as eyes for the blind and alert those with epilepsy. We can help people with numerous other problems, too.

Some of us assist our human grandparents to their wheelchair or walker. Others help deaf individuals react to alarming sounds. I had a cousin once who would turn on the lights for their grandfather.

2. We Work for Cheap

Sure, you could hire a human caretaker. However, that will cost you a pretty penny — money you can't spend on your two-legged grandchildren! 

You can buy a box of biscuits that's sure to delight for less than $5. Sure, some of us are pickier than others. Yet I don't know a single Fido who isn't pleased with an inexpensive bone to gnaw. You can't find a better bargain! 

3. We Get Your Body Moving 

Do you ever have those days where you feel lazy? All of a sudden, 5 p.m. rolls around, and you realize you haven't moved from the couch. That won't happen with me around! 

Rain or shine — I'll want to take my walk. This exercise will get your blood flowing and improve your cardiovascular health, too! Most human adults lose three to eight per cent of their muscle mass each decade after age 30. With me around, though, you'll stay stronger and leaner. 

4. We Help You Soak Up Sun

Speaking of rain or shine, when was the last time you stepped outside when it was drizzling? You'll discover many health benefits if you head outdoors often. 

If you've noticed your short-term memory slipping, you can improve cognitive function by 20 per cent when you take me for a walk. Additionally, you'll feel better when you go outside. Research indicates people with anxiety and depression experience alleviated symptoms when they spend some time with Mother Nature. 

5. We Make It Easy to Meet Friends 

Hey, I can't help being adorable! My little button nose and wriggly bottom will benefit you when it comes to making friends. Who can resist stopping to pet a puppy? I also help you start the conversation if you're feeling shy. Your new acquaintances will want to know all about me, and I know you can't wait to share. 

6. We Make Great Companions

If there's one thing living in the shelter made me understand, it's loneliness. I bet you feel this way too sometimes. I heard that one out of every three grandparents suffers from loneliness. Guess what? You'll never have to worry about that when I'm around!

When you need a friend, I'll sit by your side. When you need a laugh, I'll entertain you with my antics. I'm an all-in-one companion — you can't go wrong! 

7. We Can Sniff Out Disease 

Let me tell you about my cousin, Rex, the hero. When his human grandparent got stomach cancer, he could smell it. He kept sniffing around until she made an appointment with the doctor. He saved her life. 

We canines have super-sensitive sniffers. We can detect minuscule changes in your aroma that signals disease. We know you may not like us telling you something's wrong. However, the sooner you see the human veterinarian, the quicker you can get well. 

8. We Help Calm a Weary Heart

I don't like to think about you crossing the rainbow bridge. However, I know that heart disease is a significant killer of grandmothers and grandfathers alike. Did you know researchers associate having a pet with lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels? The special person who adopts me has a loving heart. I want to protect it! 

9. We Offer Unconditional Love 

You know those lines on your face you dislike? Well, to me, you're beautiful at every age. Every time I look at you, I want you to see the magnificence of your soul reflected in my eyes. 

I don't care if your hair is messy or if you haven't taken a shower. Are you filthy from mucking around in the garden? I think you smell like a bed of roses. No matter what you look or feel like, I'll love you all the same.  

Every Pooch Deserves a Loving Grandparent

Every pooch deserves a grandparent to love. If you pick me, I promise I'll bring you nothing but joy and good health. 

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