What It Means to Be Passionate About Something?

  • 06/01/2017

Are you passionate about animal rights? Or animal welfare? Please read below for information about some of the abuses toward animals.

During Yulin festival, dogs and cats are stolen from their homes and off the streets. They are then thrown into cages that should hold one or two animals. However, they are piled on top of one another.

They are mistreated right from the beginning. They are terrified because they do not know what they did, why they are in there or where they are being taken.

I saw a picture of one puppy who wanted some attention - as they do. He did get a little pat on the head just minutes before he was skinned alive.

The people performing these cruel acts to dogs and cats seem to be having fun. How could that be? Are they so hardened from doing this for so long? No, the answer is worse than that.

These dogs and cats are then placed and held in boiling water to cook.

Over the course of the 3-day festival, 10,000 dogs and cats are tortured, skinned, boiled and eaten.

The reason they are tortured so badly is because some of these human species animals believe that if the animals are made to be terrified their meat will taste better.

Yulin is not the only festival like this. In South Korea, there is another festival over three different days. This one is called Bok-Nal and is just as horrific for these animals.

Sadly, abuse happens to dogs and cats all over the world. From puppy and kitten mills to their owners. Yes, the same people who are supposed to protect and care for them also abuse animals.

I read an article about how someone used their cat as target practice with his bow and arrow. The arrow went through the cat's torso. Luckily, no organs were damaged and the fur baby is all right now but suffers from nightmares and has to be reassured.

Dogs may be the most abused animals with Pit Bulls being at the top of that list. They suffer more than any other dog. They are subjected to blood sports, both as fighters and bait. They are used as weapons in inner cities to attack people. From my experience with Pit Bulls, all they want is love. They are not natural fighters.

Sure, if they feel threatened, they will attack as would any other living breathing animal, humans included.

Pit Bulls are also the least likely to be adopted if they find themselves in a shelter. They are also banned in some countries and shot or euthanised by injection on sight.

Why do people continue to abuse animals? Does it make them feel stronger, more powerful? To me, anyone that can hurt an animal, any animal, in any way, is a coward, pure and simple.

Please help to keep the conversation going. Get the word out about animal abuse. Let's help begin the process of stopping the abuse today!

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