Take Advantage Of Cbd Oil For Dogs - Read These 8 Tips

  • 01/09/2020

For dog lovers, a canine is like a family member. Just like a person would take care of their family, dog owners try to procure the most beneficial nutrition for their pet's health. While searching for nutritional dog foods, dog owners are always worried about finding natural dog food sources. One such naturally occurring herb is cannabidiol (CBD). Legalizing cannabis has ignited various advantages of cannabidiol in the medical field, skincare, and the food industry. That's why people are now curious to understand CBD's effects on their canines.

So let's first understand CBD.                                                                                                                                    

CBD and Dogs:

Cannabidiol (CBD) is well-known for its medicinal benefits, analgesic properties, and non-psychoactive properties. Companies combine cannabidiol with essential oils (like coconut oil) to form CBD oil. This plant-based oil, when taken by humans, shows positive influences in their health. Similarly, canines have ECS that supports their bodies' proper functioning. Giving CBD to calm your pets will not only trigger their ECS but will also help them get relief from various health issues.

Let's look further into the top eight tips to consider while administering cannabidiol oil to dogs.

1. Selecting the best CBD product for your dog:

CBD manufacturers have developed different dog-friendly products like CBD tablets, oils, dog treats, and juices that promote positive health benefits. However, it is very crucial to pick the most beneficial CBD oil for your pet. Always purchase from a renowned brand of CBD products. They offer superior-quality products. Always buy organic CBD products that are pesticide-free. Read through the ingredients on the packaging and buy a CBD oil with no additives or fillers.

2. Manner of use

The simplest mode of offering CBD oil to your pet is mixing a few drops in their meal or sublingually below their tongue. As per a 2018 Journal, CBD oil showed instantaneous outcomes in dogs with seizures than CBD tablets and powder. If your pet opposes and doesn't relish CBD oil's taste, try CBD oil in other flavors like citrus, mint, berry, and vanilla.

3. Buy a product with more CBD Content :

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is another element obtained from the hemp plant. Using high THC consistency products can produce an intoxicating effect, whereas consuming products abundant in CBD produces no "high". Therefore, providing CBD oil with a high potency of CBD will relax your pet without causing any "high".

4. Dosage:

The dog owner must be meticulous about the CBD dosage before serving it to their pets. CBD's concentration in a product differs among different brands, and hence, most firms include the CBD proportion and dosage on its packaging. Read those directions thoroughly to understand the potency of CBD and then accordingly understand the dosage.

Your pet's health situation and its weight help decide the dosage. For an average built Dog, with common challenges like anxiety, you can give lower amounts, while for physical ailments like arthritis, you can increase the dosage.

5. CBD Tips for a dog's health

Now that we know that dogs' bodies are receptive to CBD. Here are the few advantages of CBD for your furry friend.

●      Helps Arthritis

Scientists researched to see the efficacy of CBD oil in dogs with joint soreness. The canines continued taking CBD oil for a month, along with weekly review and analysis. The scientists later revealed a decline in pain and improvement in the canines' restricted activities due to joint problems. Thus CBD oil can be an effective remedy for joint health.

●      Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Another common problem noticed in pets, which is similar to humans, is gut inflammation. Diarrhea or stomach pain are the most common signs of bowel disease dogs face. CBD oil's anti-inflammatory properties can provide them pain relief and improve their digestive health.

●      Anxiety

Dogs are fearful of certain events that are loud and noisy. They get scared and anxious, listening to the loud noise of the winds, crackers, or rain. They also suffer from separation anxiety when their owners leave them alone for hours due to work commitment.

Giving cannabidiol oil can help in calming an anxious dog. Research shows that CBD combines with the ECS to arouse the generation of serotonin. Thus, you can provide CBD to calm your pets and support them in maintaining a happy demeanor.

●      Reduces seizures

Most dogs suffer from seizures due to a brain tumor, kidney failure, or liver disease. Scientists conducted a study to understand the impact of CBD oil and seizure medications on dogs with seizures. They administered CBD oil into a group of dogs twice daily for 90 days, whereas the placebo group took non-infused oil under comparable conditions. Scientists compared both dogs' groups after 12 weeks and found that the CBD oil-induced dogs recorded a huge drop in the seizures' rate. Thus, CBD oil can be a good health tip to manage seizures.

●      Fight Cancer

Pain, fear, and aversion are common adverse-reactions caused due to cancer treatments. In human beings, consuming CBD oil interacts with the brain receptors to reduce cancer's side effects. Similar results can occur in dogs as well. Dog owners can use CBD oil throughout their pet's cancer treatment plan. It can help diminish the tumor size. CBD oil can also promote the immune system, as cancer treatments can drastically weaken the immunity.

6. Keep a record:

It is good to maintain a journal when administering CBD to your dog. It will help keep track of the positive effects that you notice on them with every dosage you offer. You can make it more memorable by recording a video of the progress your canine friend is making. Asking your friends and family about any noticeable changes in your pet is also an excellent way to know the development.

7. Be cautious while using Hemp Oil:

Many manufacturers do not specify the CBD content, nor do they mention the term CBD on their product label. Instead, many retailers sell hemp oil and call it CBD oil. Avoid purchasing such products. Hemp seed oil is okay to consume if it contains CBD. The hemp oil without CBD does not provide any nutritional benefits and can be harmful to your dog in some cases.

8. Know the side-effects:

Any new medication can show some reaction, so dog owners must start with a smaller dosage. The most commonly noticed side-effects are digestive issues like vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth, and hypotension. In case you notice any of these signs, take your pet immediately to the veterinarian doctor to understand the right dosage as per the dog's health.



So, these are the top eight tips to consider while administering CBD oil to your dogs. CBD oil is non-toxic, which makes this plant extract suitable for your furry friends. Make sure to go for monthly health check-ups with the veterinarian.

Author Bio

Rebecca Siggers is a dog mother and pet caretaker by profession. She has extensive knowledge in pet care, also knows about  CBD to calm your pets , role of CBD in controlling anxiety of pets and many more. Through her writing she wants to spread knowledge about proper pet care and how to adapt a healthy lifestyle for your pets.

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