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How To Prepare Your Home For A New Puppy?

  • 26/02/2020

It’s so exciting; the day your new puppy comes to live with you brings so much expectation. All puppies are adorable and who wouldn’t be excited to have a cute, fluffy puppy come to live in their home?

And of course it is wonderful, but with all the love and cuddles also comes a lot of responsibility in taking care of this new life. Before your new puppy arrives, there is work to be done! Your home needs to be puppy-proofed, your family needs to be prepared and even your yard needs to be looked at. You may want to protect certain plants, and you will certainly need a yard with gates.

Your New Puppy Is as Nervous as You Are

Then of course there’s the little one himself to take care of. He’s only a baby and he will be very stressed to be away from his mother, his siblings and his own environment. Melissa Wong, David’s colleague at WriteAnyPapers, admits a puppy will need a lot of care, attention and most importantly: your time. "You are a stranger to him, and so is your home”. Your home can be a dangerous place for him if you have not completed the necessary alterations to ensure his safety. So, the more prepared you are, the happier both you and your little puppy will be.

Puppy’s Own Bedroom

Prior to bringing your new little friend home, make sure that you have prepared his own area in the house – this could be the laundry room, study, garage, a dog crate or any smallish area where he will be warm and safe. Puppy-proof this room by removing any items that can be chewed, scratched, soiled or broken. In particular, make sure there are no cords he can reach.

Your puppy will need warm and appropriate bedding, safe drinking and food bowls, and toys to chew on. Your new puppy will also require a collar and leash to fit his little body, and don’t forget his identity tags – just in case! Then there is shampoo, his own towels, and a small brush so he will become accustomed to being brushed.


You should also have decided on how you intend to feed your puppy. Some people prefer to cook and prepare their own food; others prefer to buy. Whichever you choose be very careful to include a full range of produce in your little one’s diet, remaining vigilant about the foods that dogs should not eat. If you choose to cook his meals yourself there are plenty of recipes and ideas online, and you can always ask at your local vet’s office as to what to feed your puppy.


Prior to bringing your new family member home, it is a good idea to have arranged with the seller to provide you with a cuddly toy and/or blanket that is familiar to your new puppy. Some sellers will also provide you with your puppy’s food for the next day or two, and this is very helpful as it reduces the stress your puppy is already experiencing.

After you’ve done all that – enjoy! Love your new little puppy to bits. He needs it, you need it, and your family will be so much happier and fulfilled with this new addition to your family.

Author’s bio: David Hoang works as a vet. Besides, he is a volunteer so that he tries to cure dogs for free or for very low price. David describes his expertise writing for WriteAnyPapers. This job allows him to be closer to his patients and clients.

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