How Dogs Keep You Young

  • 10/03/2021

Dogs brighten any room when they spin in circles at your arrival or cuddle with you during tough times. You may want to bring one home for your family, but what can you expect? Educate yourself on training techniques and vet visits before learning how dogs keep you young.

Improved aging is a surprising benefit of adopting a canine companion. These are a few ways your future dog will make you feel more youthful and improve your health.

They Initiate Bedtime Routines

Everyone has a routine, even if they prefer not to. You know when you’ll wake up and what you’ll do every day. Dogs are the same way. They need routine bathroom breaks and even a bedtime, which is the first way dogs keep you young.

You’ll have to let your dog out to relieve themselves before heading to bed. It’s easier to stop what you’re doing and brush your teeth when a sweet pup whines to go outside. People who get consistent sleep produce more human growth hormone (HGH), which reduces the signs of aging. Your metabolism works better and your skin tightens, so listen to your pup and head to bed after one last trip outside.

They Minimize Allergies

Pet dandruff and fur are allergens for some people, but if your kids interact with the family dog while they’re young, they’re less likely to develop allergies. They won’t just have immunity against pet allergens either. Recent research shows that pets reduce the risk of asthma and hay fever, plus eczema and local allergens.

 Your dog will trail things into your home. Grass, pollen and other environmental elements will cling to their fur and scatter around your floors and furniture. When your kids don’t have to grow up with allergies, they experience fewer effects of aging because stress is so harmful to the body.

They Keep You Moving

Some family pets don’t require much movement from their owners. Cats wander around as they like and fish never leave their tank. Dogs need daily exercise to compensate for their kibble calories and maintain their health. You can let your dog run around in the backyard, but they’ll get more out of their exercise if you participate in it with them.

Even older adults who adopt a dog in retirement can keep up with their exercise routines. Reflect on your routine and find new ways to move, like gardening or volunteering. Bring your dog along for the experience at pet-friendly places and trails.

People who exercise regularly skip classic aging symptoms like declining muscle mass and poor cholesterol levels. Your body becomes more robust and adds years to your life, all because you brought a dog home.

They Make You Smile

Life as a dog parent isn’t always easy. They’ll make you laugh and smile, but sometimes they make mistakes. Your family dog might relieve themselves on the carpet or chew up your favorite book. They don’t immediately understand household rules and might take more time to learn them than you’d like.

Still, dogs are a source of joy even during tough times. You’ll smile more when they make daily memories and catch you by pleasant surprise. Your brain instigates happy hormone production every time you laugh or find something you enjoy. Increased hormones like dopamine fight cellular aging through neuron activity that reduces biological stress.

The occasional dinner out with your partner or a good movie might make you happy, but dogs establish constant joy. Your entire family will benefit from loving their new pup and live longer lives because of that love.

They Encourage People to Socialize

Sometimes spending time alone is nice. You get to recharge and rest before jumping back into social activities and commitments. If that isolation becomes your everyday life, your chance of developing Alzheimer's jumps by nearly 50% even if you occasionally see a friend or family member.

Loneliness takes a more significant toll on your mental health than most people realize. Adopting a dog is one way to reduce your loneliness, especially if you’re retired and can’t rely on a full-time job for social interaction. Dogs need exercise, so you’ll look for new ways to get them into the world. You might stroll by your neighbors and chat in the afternoons or meet new friends at a local dog park.

Your kids will want their friends to come over and meet their new puppy too. Dogs encourage more socialization for people of all ages. Start improving your mental health by finding a pup who fits right in with your family.

Dogs Keep You Young

Learning about how dogs keep you young might help you decide to adopt a pup. Let your kids grow up alongside their puppy or find an older dog who’s looking for a companion. No matter which dog captures your heart, they’ll make your life better and improve your health so you stay younger while the years pass.

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