Five Mind-Blowing Benefits of CBD on Your Dog's Intelligence

  • 11/08/2020
cbd-oils-for-dogs.jpgThe discovery of Cannabis is one of the best things to happen to the human race. It comes with many health benefits, helping to address many health conditions in man. There has been much research into CBD and how it works alongside the accompanying side effect. One thing many users agree on is that there is no life-threatening side effect.

As a result, many pet owners are also considering the use of CBD for their pets. Dogs, especially, have shown promising effects from the use of CBD. With this, we will explore how CBD and its product can make your dog smarter.

Understanding CBD

The liquid extract of the marijuana plant is known as Cannabis oil. Marijuana is a potent plant with more than 80 distinct cannabinoids. CBD, the non-psychoactive component, comes from the plant and triggers no "high" or hallucinogenic effect, like the THC component.

Currently, there is no definite and conclusive research study on the effect of CBD on dogs. However, scientists are sure that CBD helps maintain balance and coordination in dogs by interacting with their receptors. This process brings about many health benefits on dogs, with improved intelligence as well.  

Is CBD Safe for Dogs

People worldwide are already ordering CBD products from sellers like CBDMEDIC to treat various issues. And with the growing popularity of CBD amongst humans, it's natural to consider it for their pets. However, dog owners wonder if CBD is safe for their dog. The benefits in humans are apparent, and the side effects are minimal. Yet, there is a concern about the safety of CBD for dogs and other pets.

There are vets already recommending CBD for dogs. According to a study from Colorado State University, they concluded that dogs treated with CBD significantly reduced seizures. There are, however, reports of mild diarrhea in tested dogs. Present studies have not revealed any long term side effects or danger of using CBD on dogs.

There are many reports online from pet owners, online channels, and social media about how helpful CBD is on their dogs. In the same manner, there is no report of CBD's significant side effect on dogs from vets and pet owners. CBD can also be ordered online, mainly from the USA and a number of companies offer good pricing including a discount with a Lazarus coupon which offers a further 10% discount on your purchase.

Your Dog's Intelligence

Dogs are the most domesticated animals, and it might be because of their loyalty and intelligence. Since the days of our forefathers, man has domesticated dogs, and it has shown impressive signs of cognitive responses. A few of these are problem-solving skills, understanding and digesting information, showing conceptual skills, etc.

Dogs can even respond to humans, understand body language, and show human emotions in some cases. While this cognitive skill is inherent in many dogs, it takes training to bring out the skills. We can make these creatures embrace their intellectual part with targeted training and become more useful to pet owners.

In addition to sophisticated training, you can use some powerful aid like CBD to bring out your dog's intellectual capacity.

With these, here are five mind-blowing benefits of CBD on your dog's intelligence:

1. CBD Can boost Mental Stimulation Activities

Unknown to many dog owners, especially new owners, their pet needs mental stimulation. This is especially true of old dogs and puppies. They need to be challenged with activities like hiking, running, chasing, etc., in a bid to stimulate their brain.

The idea of such mental stimulation is to motivate and excite them for other challenges. This is where CBD comes in, as it provides fantastic support for such activities. CBD oil for dogs can boost their moods, keeping their spirit high to enjoy various stimulating activities like running, hide-and-seek games, etc.

CBD can improve their fitness, alertness, and motivation. Another benefit of CBD oil for your pet is that it increases blood flow to the brain's right part, according to research. This process improves memory, develops their intellect, and ultimately boosts their cognitive response. With this, they will be able to understand and respond to gestures well.

2. CBD Helps Dog Remain Calm

It is usual for dogs to feel anxious in unfamiliar situations. No matter how you train your dog, it might display aggressive behavior in the presence of strangers. Other conditions could trigger aggressive responses like a new family member, strange territory, etc. Yet, this is the wrong way to navigate such a situation.

As a dog owner, you can discourage this pattern of behavior. This is where CBD oil comes in. Even in humans, CBD helps to feel calm in aggressive and anxious situations. It can also help your furry friend.

The anti-anxiety effects of CBD can produce a calm and refreshing feeling in terrifying situations. When you train them on how to respond in such circumstances, CBD's calming effect can improve such training. With CBD, you can control bad behaviors like excessive barking, pacing, chewing on things, etc.

With a controlled and regular CBD doses, your dog will no longer act terrified in the presence of strangers or loud noise.

3. An Effective Way to Manage Stress

Stress affects dogs in many ways, and they respond the same way man responds. Severe pain, chronic ailments, aging, etc., could degenerate their mental health. Stress might make them restless, which could trigger depressive behaviors like isolation, lethargic feeling, loss of appetite, staying away from outdoor activities, irritation, etc. If these go unchecked, their health could degenerate, leading to excessive weight gain and other health issues.

CBD produces a calming effect on your dog. It can help them respond better in a stressful situation. CBD can help treat pain, allergies, inflammation, arthritis, and other conditions that could trigger stress. There is also a feeling of excitement from taking CBD, making them feel energetic and eager to go about their regular activities.

Dogs with depressive disorders or other health issues can find relief with CBD oil. Constant use of CBD reprograms their mind to respond better in stressful situations. It helps balance their hormone and mood, increasing their comfort and happiness.

4. Can Serve as a Positive Reinforcement to Boost Good Behavior

We all have accepted patterns of behaviors we want in our dog, like peeing at the right place. The responsibility, however, lies on the owner to consider ways of encouraging these behaviors. In addition to training, positive reinforcement is essential, especially for new dogs.

Reinforcement is essential as it helps bring awareness of their environment. You can use it as a means to encourage good behaviors in a social group. It is a means to control their behavior as it helps them consider the correct response as acceptable and welcomed due to the reward.

Besides CBD oil, there are CBD treats for the dog. CBD treats come in various forms with assorted flavors like lamb and beef. Combined with the right training strategy, it can help your dog exhibit the proper behavior in all situations. CBD treats can help you control your pets, bringing out the best in them. You can use CBD treats through reinforcement training stopping behaviors like urinating anywhere, barking at strangers, chewing at items, etc.

5. CBD Can Make Reactive Dog Training More Effective

There are times your dog will give out an exaggerated response in some situations. This response could be in a bid to exert dominance in the environment. It could also be a response to insecurity.

They will often display this behavior when they meet other dogs at the park, on the way, etc. They could also pull on their leash, trying to break free. They could also strike offensive postures to other dogs. This reaction might be to humans as well.

You can reduce these annoying behaviors. It, however, takes being mindful of their state of mind to detect such behaviors. Watch out for signs of depression as well. It could be one of the underlying causes.

CBD can be helpful in that it can address the root cause of such behaviors. CBD can make them feel elated, reduce insecurities, and help to cope with depression. With CBD treats, you can have more control over them, even in terrifying situations.

Since CBD helps to control insecurities, it can trigger a better and intelligent response in time. As a result, they will no longer exhibit bad behavior in response to reactive stimuli.


Naturally, dogs are intelligent creatures. You, however, need to stimulate this intelligence in them. CBD alongside the right training protocol is a key to bringing out the best in your dog. The proper dosage will make them happy, excited, and in a good mood. It can address common mental issues, teaching them to respond better in most situations.

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