4 Benefits Dogs Get from Chewing

  • 08/05/2019

There’s just something comforting and happy about going home at the end of a long day to be greeted by a furry friend. Dogs are pets, but they’re family too.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is a puppy or a fully grown adult. You know that they love chewing. So much so that they resort to things they’re not supposed to chew, like socks, pillows, and even footwear.

Chewing can get destructive fast if it’s not properly addressed and managed. This is why chew toys exist. They are multipurpose, and they provide your dogs with hours and hours of entertainment without damaging any of your things inside the home.

Chew toys are essential, and they do so much more for the dogs. Here are the benefits you should know about them.

Good Overall Oral Health

The action of masticating allows dogs to move their jaws in the form of exercise. Chew toys function like a toothbrush for your dogs as well. Gnawing helps keep tartar and plaque off of their teeth. If you want to amplify the effect, there are dental chew toys you can give to your dogs.

Apart from that, chewing can also help make the teeth smooth. Grinding their teeth on chew toys helps prevent any build up that may render their teeth yellow. Dental disease is dangerous for dogs, so keeping their teeth and gums healthy and clean is critical.

You can opt to clean your dog’s teeth yourself, but it can get a bit tedious if you live a busy lifestyle. It is important to remember to use pet-safe toothpaste with flavoring that will help make brushing easier for both of you. The key is to be gentle with cleaning the teeth and gums. Here is a handy guide for brushing your dog’s teeth at home.

Prevents Bad Breath

Good oral hygiene naturally prevents bad breath. Chewing is a dog’s instinct, and it also helps make their breath fresh. Take advantage of that fact by giving them a bully stick to gnaw on. Not only does it deter halitosis, but this dog treat is also packed with protein and flavor that dogs will love chewing on it.

Chew toys come in many forms and sizes, and you’ll need to get one that is specific to your dog’s size and needs. If you have a small pup, there are small dog treats and chew toys that are softer and easier for them to manage. If you own a large dog, bigger and harder sticks are appropriate for them.

Provides Comfort and Relieves Boredom

Like humans, dogs have different personalities. Depending on the breed, some dogs are fine with being left at home while others are not. Dogs that get bored or anxious when left alone for long periods may develop behavioral problems.

Some of these problems may include excessive chewing and anxiety. They may turn to destroying a lot of household items and making messes around the house. Chew toys are a great distraction for boredom and even provide comfort.

It is important to provide your dogs with good-quality toys. Dogs get lonely too, and they may turn to their playthings for companionship, so plush toys are great for this. If you find that plush toys get easily destroyed, get something more durable and long-lasting.

Comforts Teething Pain

Puppies don’t have their teeth yet when they’re born, and the teeth come in weeks later. It can be pretty tough when they are teething because it can be uncomfortable and painful for them. Some signs of teething may include being listless, excessive chewing, no appetite for food, and slight fever.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to lessen teething pain discomfort. A chew toy can help relieve their gums, and it is more effective if you freeze it to provide a cooling effect. While there are medications available to help ease puppy teething pain, it’s better to resort to natural remedies as much as possible.

Some natural comforting remedies include putting an ice cube on the gums. You can try massaging your puppy’s jaw and gums, but be careful when doing so because, if they’re agitated by the pain, they can easily draw blood with their tiny teeth.

Read this article for more ways to help relieve puppy teething discomfort.

Dogs Are Family

A happy dog is a healthy dog, and it is your responsibility to give your furry companion the best quality of life you are able to provide. Apart from food and shelter, it is essential to provide your dogs with a means for entertainment as well. They need your companionship and love, so walks and fun playtimes are equally important; play with them every day.

How do you prevent your dog from destroying things in your house with their excessive chewing? Share your methods in the comments below.

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