13 Human Foods That Are Safe For Your Dogs

  • 26/07/2021

When planning your meals for the week, do you take your dog into account? Commonly, a pup will beg for his owner’s food, but consider that he wants some of his own because he sees how much you’re enjoying it.

Some foods can be shared between you and your dog. It might involve using fewer spices on the food your dog receives, but you can include your pup as part of the family by giving her some of the same food you cook for your partner and children.

Finding out what your pup likes to eat can be tricky, but knowing which ones are good for her and what will send her to the vet is even more challenging. Dogs can eat many human foods, mostly in moderation, but they often can’t replace the balanced nutrition of what a veterinarian can recommend for them.

Foods That Are Completely Safe

As with humans, dogs have to eat most foods in moderation or watch the variations they eat.

1.   Meat

Dogs can have unseasoned meat as long as it isn’t raw or undercooked, and you must consider the types you feed them. Certain meats have more health benefits than others, so watch out for fatty and salty items like bacon and ham. Dogs can still have them — just offer them less frequently.

2.   Coconut

Coconut and coconut oil can work wonders for your dog. Adding a little bit of oil to your dog’s food can help with bad breath and clear up skin infections and other irritations. Make sure you don’t add too much in case your dog’s stomach gets upset.

3.   Corn

You can feed your dog corn — it doesn’t have many health benefits, but it’s an ingredient in most dog food. Just make sure it’s off the cob before you give it to your pup, so there’s no opportunity for a choking hazard.

4.   Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is excellent for a snack and can motivate dogs to do several things: stay still for a bath or grooming session, take their medicines and more. Some owners choose to stuff plastic toys with peanut butter to keep their dogs busy throughout the day.

Peanut butter is a healthy source of protein, but you should make sure the kind you’re using doesn’t have any ingredients that could harm your dog. You should avoid xylitol, a sweetener that can be deadly to dogs. The number of xylitol poisonings doubled over an eight-year period, which means owners who offer peanut butter as a treat to their pups must stay vigilant about ingredients.

5.   Grain

Grains may not always add nutritional benefits, but they could make for a great snack for your pup. Contrary to popular belief, your dog does not have to go grain-free unless he has an allergy.

6.   Fruit

You can also offer him some fruit as a snack — blueberries are packed with fiber and antioxidants, and they’re tasty, too.

7.   Rice

If your dog has an upset stomach, one of the best foods to give them would be plain white rice. Mixing it with unseasoned, boiled chicken will provide her with a healthy meal she can eat until she feels like herself again.

Foods Best Served in Moderation

These foods might be delicious, but may have no nutritional value or could be harmful if your pup has been fed too much. It’s always best to supervise your dog when he’s eating these foods so you can make sure he’s not overeating.

8.   Popcorn

On a movie night, your dog might beg you for some popcorn. As long as it’s unsalted and unbuttered, there’s nothing wrong with giving her a couple of pieces. Some ingredients in popcorn might lead to health benefits like promoting eye health, but you still want to monitor how much your pup is eating.

9.   Seafood

Your dog can also have seafood if he fancies it. That’s good news for you: Grilled fish can be tasty for dogs and improve their immune system at the same time. Just be sure you don’t overfeed your pup, as too much can lead to obesity and high cholesterol.

10. Bread

Bread is an OK snack for your pup, but it typically has no nutritional value and can be full of calories and preservatives, neither of which are great for you or your dog.

11. Bones

Similarly, your dog can have bones under supervision to chew on, but be mindful of which kind you feed them. Chicken and fish bones are not good because your dog can easily swallow them.

12. Carrots

Carrots are a healthy option for dogs, as they can improve eye and coat health and reduce plaque levels on teeth. They provide the crunch that chewers love, but they also have an abundance of vitamin A. Too much of this can be lethal to dogs.

13. Dairy

Dairy products can be used as a treat as long as your pup isn’t lactose intolerant. Too much dairy might cause digestive upset, so give your dog dairy in small doses while being aware of the fat content in what you’re giving her. Also, stay away from ice cream — too much sugar is bad for dogs.

While you may know not to feed your pup anything predominantly made of sugar, you should also note that other foods, like bananas, often contain hidden sugars. Just pay attention to how much of a good thing you’re offering your pup.

Treats for You and Your Pup

Dogs and humans can enjoy many of the same things. While they might have to settle for unseasoned meat while you get the tastier version, it can be a bonding experience to share the same meal with your dog. After all, you eat great, so why can’t your pup?

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