Your Guidebook To The Most Common Dog Problems- Causes And Solutions

  • 29/09/2018
The Most Common Dog Problems- Causes And Solutions.png

Dogs are very loving and playful, but they require a little patience and a lot more training to keep them in a discipline. The English cream golden retriever temperament is very hard to catch at times and can be really troublesome. Punishing your dog is however not the right thing to do.

Never, just never, punish your dog. He loves you too much to understand what happened, and hence the punishment is completely ineffective as such as it is unkind to them.

Here are a few problems which you can encounter, and the effective solutions to each:


It is natural for dogs to bark. They bark for almost everything; when bored, lonely or just trying to alert you of someone at the door. However natural it may be, barking can be really disruptive at times. As an owner, you can always alter your dog’s behaviour, and control the unnecessary barks!


·       Shift the attention

Your dog will keep barking until he has something else to do. A little slap or a whistle is enough to distract them and to provide them with another activity to focus on.

·       Leave your dog with a plenty of toys

While you are away toys will help to keep your dog busy. And a busy dog doesn't bark unnecessarily.

·       Ensure enough exercise of your dog

When your dog has exercised enough for the day, he remains with very little energy to bark without a purpose. Take your dog out for walks so that he sees and smells the world around!


English cream golden retriever puppies are easy to train. Train them when to bark and when not to. Give them the command to bark, and reward them with a treat for appropriate reaction. Take your dog out to a lonely area, and command “Quiet”. Reward them again for being quiet. This way, your dog will learn when to bark and when not to.

Remember not to reward a barking dog with attention ever. This will only encourage barking. Also, never yell at your dog to stop barking. Train them, and teach them the right behaviour.


When your English cream golden retriever is teething, anxious, bored or simply curious, he will chew on things. But that does not mean that he gets to chew on everything and anything. Ensure that your dog has the right things to chew on.


·       Give your dog plenty chewable tows to prevent him from getting bored.

·       When teething, provide your puppy with a teething ring.

·       Make a sharp noise if you ever catch your dog chewing on furniture. You can also put some vinegar on furniture, and deter them from chewing.

·       Exercise him well to take his extra energy away.

·       Do not leave your personal items easily available to him.


Dogs are natural diggers, but that never meant that your lawn needs to be torn out too.


·       Ensure that your dog is not around when you garden. They want to imitate things that you do and might end up spoiling the garden.

·       Distract your dog whenever you see him digging. You can simply turn on the sprinklers or throw a ball for him to fetch.

·       Designate him a shady digging zone. Fence the other areas to keep your dog out.

A dog will require a lot of your attention and time. They might be troublesome at times, but know that they love you, and there is nobody better than you in their world. A little patience and some extra effort on training your dog will help you have a really pleasant experience of being a dog-parent.

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