Why Neuter Your Dog?

  • 01/02/2016

Population control is the number one reason for neutering a male dog (or spaying female dogs.) One female dog has the ability to produce nearly 200 offspring by the time she is just five years old!

An estimated 8-10 million unwanted companion animals are euthanized in the United States each year. This terrible practice can be prevented if owners will make certain their dogs (and yes, cats) are neutered or spayed.

Though population control is the number one reason for the procedures, there are other reasons, either behavioral or medical.

Most of the unwanted characteristics of male dogs are caused by the male hormone testosterone, which is a product within the testicle. That is a major reason why castration is more popular in veterinary medicine than vasectomies. Both procedures eliminate breeding, but vasectomies do not reduce any of the undesirable problems caused by testosterone production.

One of the most important behavioral advantages of castration is that these dogs will be less aggressive as adult dogs.

A second behavioral advantage of neutering is that these dogs will not "roam" when they sense a female in heat.

Why do they roam? Male dogs can sense females in heat through pheromones, airborne chemical attractants liberated from the female when she is cycling. These attractants travel through the air for great distances. A female dog in heat can attract males from over a mile away, upwind, downwind, or crosswind.

I asked my veterinarian if I should have my dog neutered. I will never forget his answer. "If you don't and he smells a female in heat 500 yards away, he is GONE!"


Medical advantages of neutering are (1) no testicular tumors, (2) improved genetics, (3) fewer hernias, (4) few Perianal Tumors, and (5) fewer prostate problems.

When a dog is neutered, his testes are removed. This eliminates the risk of your dogs developing testicular cancer, a very common cancer in male dogs.

Levels of testosterone appear to relax or weaken the group of muscles near the anus thus causing hernias. Perianal tumors are stimulated also by testosterone and occur also near the anus.

Over 80% of unneutered dogs develop prostate problems.

The very best decision a dog (or cat) owner can make is to have their pet neutered or spayed. I personally had apprehension about the procedure but now know it was painless for my dog and was the responsible decision for me to make.

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