Why Dogs Are The Best Pet For Your Family

  • 17/11/2020

The time has finally arrived — your kids want a family pet. They see their favourite movie and TV characters hang out with animal sidekicks and want one of their own. Before you head to the pet store to let them pick out something small, you should consider adopting a dog instead.

A dog is the best pet for your family because they give so many benefits to kids of all ages. Check out why they're so great and how they'll improve everyone's wellbeing.

1. They're Always Positive

Life gets hard sometimes. Your kids might struggle in school or face personal battles that upset or anger them. It's easier to get through tough times when you always have a happy dog by your side. Your future pup's wagging tail and infectious smile will ease the pain of anything they experience.

2. They Foster Responsibility

Your kids won't be able to take care of a dog on their own, but helping will foster responsibility. Pouring kibble or taking the dog out for a bathroom break teaches them how to take care of someone other than themselves. Introducing responsibility at home prepares them for the future and plants the seeds of independence they'll nurture in the coming years.

3. They Encourage Independence

When your older kids take the dog out for a walk, they a safe opportunity for independence. Spending a little time away from their parents' watchful eye gives them space to become more self-confident in their decision-making skills. 

As they get older, that independence will grow as they watch the dog while you're not home or dog sit for other people. All because they grew up with a furry best friend.

4. They Enjoy Long Lives

Fish and hamsters are cute pets, but they don't live long. The best pet for your family will experience a long life so everyone can bond with and learn from them. 

Dogs can live for two decades, depending on their breed and genetics. Regular vet visits and a healthy diet assure that your dog is around the entire time your children grow up.

5. They Improve Heart Health

The joy and exercise that come with owning a dog benefit your heart health. The American Heart Association found that dog owners decreased their heart attack odds by 65% just by bringing a four-legged friend home. 

6. They Learn Useful Tricks

Dogs can learn a variety of tricks that may save your child's life. You could train your future dog to sniff out peanuts in a room if your kids have peanut allergies. Research dog training in your city to see how professional trainers can help.

7. They Have Helpful Insurance

If you adopt an older dog because they're calm and quiet, you might worry about paying for their vet appointments. There's always the option to get dog insurance if that's the case. 

There are many plans on the market to cover a variety of needs. Even people who have exotic pets can find affordable liability insurance, so look into your options. It may help you afford to pay for the elderly dog who wins over your child's heart at the pet shelter.

8. They Make Families More Social

People will want to come over and see your new dog or meet your family at the local dog park. Prepare your weekly schedule. Getting a dog will make your family the neighborhood socialites.

9. They Reduce Stress

When your future dog makes your kids happy by playing or cuddling with them, they lower everyone's stress. It's a welcome relief after a bad day, but it's also a major health benefit.

A recent study discovered that dogs provide socio‐emotional benefits through stress-buffering, even if they just sit next to your child. Prolonged cortisol exposure results in adverse health effects like:

  • Increased blood sugar levels
  • Suppressed immune system
  • Long-term weight gain
  • Digestive issues
  • Heart disease

Adopting a dog is good for your family's physical and mental health. Your kids will benefit from growing up with a dog long after they move out of your home after high school.

10. They Teach Boundaries

Dogs have a reputation for jumping on people and napping with you, but they also have boundaries. As your kids learn what your dog loves and hates, they'll use the same skills to respect boundaries set by their friends. Sometimes your dog won't want belly rubs and that's okay. Their behavior introduces boundaries in a safe, loving environment.

Make a Plan

You're almost ready for your family to adopt a dog! Now that you know why dogs are the best pet for your family, look up different breeds together. Talk about who will feed and walk the dog. If everyone knows how they'll help take care of their new pet, you can start enjoying the many benefits of dog ownership.

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