Why Does Your Dog Itch So Much?

  • 15/09/2021
itching-dog.jpgIf your dog is constantly itching themselves, the chances are there’s an underlying issue that should be addressed. It can be irritating to see and frustrating to see your pet in discomfort.

What exactly should you do? Why is your dog itching so must in the first place?

By addressing these two questions you can implement measures to reduce irritation.

Dogs tend to itch more during the warmer months, so it’s important to rule out certain conditions before starting a particular treatment. Providing itch relief for your dog should be a priority, alongside establishing a healthy diet and dental routine.

Two of the biggest culprits are pests and allergies, which can be identified during regular checkups with your veterinarian. It’s best to address itching issues when they’re at a minor level, to avoid them accelerating and potentially spiraling out of control.

Let’s take a look at some of the main protagonists of itching:

Fleas and Ticks

These are blood dependent pests that can latch onto dogs as hosts. Fleas and ticks are usually the first things you should check for when your dog is itching. They can go unnoticed until they’re large enough to be spotted and removed.

What’s worse about fleas and ticks is they can carry various diseases, meaning it’s essential they’re removed as early as possible. Check your pet during tick season, assessing potentially infested areas, preferably in outdoor environments.

Fleas are less harmful than ticks, but they’re still irritating. If infestations are present, severe skin reactions can require veterinary care. Allergic reactions to flea bites aren’t uncommon either, which can lead to swelling, hair loss, hot spots, and even infections. You might need some extra help to detect these if your dog is long-coated or has dark-colored fur.

A great way to tackle this is by taking a flea comb and brushing it through your pet’s hair. Fleas are likely to present if you notice a reddish-brown color in the water when bathing your dog. Flea detection is of mutual benefit since the last thing you’ll want is for your entire house to become infested and you have to call someone like Pest Control Experts https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/exterminator/massachusetts/ out to come and properly rid your home of them.

For pest prevention, you can use flea and tick collars, topical medication, sprays, and long-lasting shampoos.

Food Allergies

Dogs can be allergic to anything. Picture the surface of your dog’s skin is evaluated for ticks and fleas, yet nothing being found. In this instance, itchy skin can be a consequence of an allergy. Check with your vet to rule out things your dog might be allergic too.

Food allergies are among the rarest of all. They can be difficult to discover, but by taking a process of elimination approach you’ll discover problem foods. It can be a trial and error, though you’ll uncover the culprit eventually. Work with your vet and consider hydrolyzed protein food trials. This will help you avoid the trigger protein while ensuring your pet receives their daily dose of nutrition.

Your vet can leverage years of expert knowledge to offer foods that surpass over the counter limited ingredient foods. Your vet may also recommend limited antigen, therapeutic foods.

Environmental Allergies

These include things like pollen and dander. There are some therapeutic foods to help improve your dog’s skin health, so it’s important to consult with a specialist for expert advice. Treatments can range from minor to more involved, extending beyond one measure.

A combination of different approaches will help you cover all bases, alongside regular grooming. Some allergy injections can help dogs, alongside steroid injections and stronger medications if problems persist.

Always remember to seek medical advice from your pet before taking matters into your own hands.

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