What Are the Steps to Start a Dog Walking Business?

  • 28/03/2019
walking-a-dog.jpgDo you love pets? Have you ever wished to start a business in a field that you love? A dog walking business? If yes, do you know the steps you need to follow for you to start the business? Don’t worry, this publication will provide you with important steps that you have to follow to be successful.

Compared to other businesses, dog walking business doesn’t need much money to run it. It’s not necessary to craft or buy a business plan or work out a genuine strategy. It’s as easy as pie. It has low-cost management which provides a straight forward way to enter the business and you only need low cost dog walking software to get started. The most important thing you must acknowledge is that dog walking business is an endeavor just like any other business, so adhering to principles of business is paramount.

Start Business With Research

The first step is to research and identify potential customer needs. Every business is started to meet specific customer’s needs because if it fails to meet customers’ expectation it will fail terribly. In this step, inquire on what is needed before the business kicks. Visit the nearest pet or animal department/ office and acquire the necessary documentation. In addition, find out if there is competition in your area. If there is, find out the services they are offering and the cost. Doing this will help in packaging your services in the best way which will suit your customers’ demand or need.


After you have completed your research on how to start a business, go for training in order to be able to handle your dogs professionally. Loving dogs is not enough; professionalism and experience will help you to handle your dogs in the best way possible. Formal dog training will help you gain experience in interacting with a variety of dogs. In addition, training gives you confidence as you deal with customers and conduct your business.

Come Up With Business Name & Structure

Before you start a business, know that a business name is very important because customers will identify you through it. Make sure the name reflects your business service and qualities. The name you choose should not be confused with any other product in the market. The moment customers start confusing your business name with others, some will lose their interests and you will lose them.

After you have chosen your business name, go ahead and design your start business structure. You can consult a professional to help if you find it hard to come up with a structure which best suits your service delivery. The structure you design must aim to satisfy customers’ expectations and maximize profits. Remember, the design of your business structure determines how easy or hard it will be to grow your business.

Legal Considerations When You Start Business

Before establishing your business, seek the help of legal officer conversant with dog walking business to consider possible legal issues. Some people tend to ignore the legal issues until the business grows but it is risky because once the authorities realize that you have not complied, you can be exposed to high fines and penalties. To be on the safe side, make sure that you adhere to licensing regulations, local rules and regulations, and have dog walking contract.


As per law, a dog walker is responsible for his dog’s actions. The responsibility includes the damage done by the dogs and any other damage done to the dogs. In each business, accidents are unpredictable and the best way to protect yourself from unforeseen expenses is to purchase proper insurance coverage. So it is crucial to check around for the policy which suits your needs.

Promote Your Business

Unless a new business is properly advertised, it takes time to grow. Make sure the targeted customers know that you are offering dog walking services. How do you get the word out? You can design flyers and business cards and, if possible, place them on vet clinics entry points, supermarkets, dog groomers, and pet stores. Let potential clients know that you can walk their dogs as they engage in other activities, such as playing slot games on app casinos, checking their social media or simply doing house errands. When you start a business, you need every possible client to know about you.

Promotion is not a simple thing; it demands patience, consistency, and persistence. Make sure almost everyone knows that you’re offering dog walking services. Referrals from customers who have appreciated and got satisfied with your services are very important. Lastly, note that word of mouth has become the biggest source of referrals.

In the End: Start Walking

Once you have adhered to the above steps, you are ready to start walking dogs. Prepare yourself for each season and climate by making sure that you invest in proper footwear and clothing. If possible, always wear footwear and clothing which bears your business logo and phone number.

Do you have some other advice that might help readers should they want to start a business? Share it below!

Thomas Glare (Author’s Bio)

Thomas is the owner of a company which specializes in pet sitting and dog walking. He is the father of two beautiful girls and owns a British Bulldog. He writes advice for pet lovers occasionally.

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