Three Ways How to React If Your Dog Ate Your Assignment

  • 11/01/2020



Imagine yourself being equipped with a biting and grinding machinery that has evolved for hundreds of thousands of years to tear flesh, crush bones, and fight off other equally equipped “colleagues”. And now imagine you feel incredibly bored and have to spend hours indoors with lots of curious objects to explore. This little imagination exercise is useful to understand the mystery behind most dog eating homework situations. Alternatively, it simply means the dog wants to let you know explicitly that it doesn’t think much of your derivatives or narrative essay. A tell-tell sign is usually if it chooses to piss on the leftovers of your homework.


How to React to the Problem

  1. If you suddenly stumble upon your shredded homework, breathe deeply. Assess the damage. How many pieces does the puzzle have and how many are missing? How many pages did my homework have? Does it make sense to assemble the pieces back or rather redo the homework? If you ​anticipate being able to assemble the pieces, then go for Plan A - returning to the status quo before the madness. You might need lots of tape to stick the pieces together – consider making photocopies of the end result so that the teacher/professor doesn’t have to put on medical gloves before checking your homework. However, it is important to take the original Frankenstein homework with you to add more drama and credibility.
  2. Plan B involves taking a photo of the mess as a proof of the apocalypse the skies have unleashed upon you. Take this photo to your teacher/ professor along with the remnants of your homework and ask for a deadline extension. Plan C is for the situation when you know that none of your excuses will work. This plan involves getting help from specialized academic assistance platforms. Essentially, you just need to do a quick online search for a good place to buy essay samples or custom essays, research papers, coursework in natural or social sciences, arts, etc. Next, you’ll only need to provide the instructions, specify the urgency, make a deposit, and wait.
  3. Once you solve your urgent homework problem, it’s time to address the core of the matter. Ask yourself why do dogs eat paper and how to discourage such behavior.  In fact, keeping the dog busy is an important avoidance measure. Provide the dog with safe and appealing chewing toys. Often, a good means to address the dog’s boredom is to get him/her a playmate, preferably another dog. Walking enough time outdoors is also of paramount importance not only to avoid boredom but also to maintain health and good mood. Find here more advice on how to avoid such a situation but also how to deal with it.

Note that your dog is risking much chewing paper. First, ingested paper can lead to digestive problems including intestinal blockage. Second, there are reports that by chewing on certain kinds of paper, the dog’s saliva can mix with the material to create a sticky substance that glues the dog’s mouth shut. Given how strong this glue cements the mouth and that dogs get really anxious after spending hours reflecting on life, the universe, and everything, a vet’s assistance might be indispensable.


Truth is, with a few precautionary measures, you can easily avoid the dog eating paper disaster. Keep the dog busy and provide it with toys but also with your attention – oftentimes, chewing paper is how dogs deal with stress. Hide paper and dangerous objects. Maybe it is a good idea to try to eliminate paper completely from your household – buy a touchscreen laptop and a stylus so that you can write by hand. Sync your homework to the cloud and you’ll be spared from many other surprises as well.

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