The Beautiful Finish Spitz Dog And The Scottish Deerhound

  • 11/05/2018
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Dogs are omnivorous animals that feed on both flesh and plants. They are very beautiful creatures and exciting to rear. They are said to be friendly and loyal to their owners, the Finish Spitz and the Scottish Deerhound Dogs are an excellent example of this.

Finish Spitz Dog

The Finish Spitz was originally a hunting dog which hunters found useful when hunting for various kinds of games. It is an amiable dog that likes being around children, but it is always so careful of strangers. Its coat is a very short and dense one that does not need to be occasionally brushed nor trimmed. It is a very brave dog that helps hunters to approach their games quickly; this is done by barking to divert the attention of its prey. Finish Spitz is Finland’s national dog.

The History

Finish Spitz is also called Suomenpystykorva; it was initially meant for hunting various kinds of games. Its barking skill made it be called "King of Barkers." This breed almost died out as a result of being made to breed with other dog types at the end of the nineteenth century. When Hugo Sandberg and Hugo Roos discovered this, they tried reviving the breed and the distinctive features it has got. This was carefully accomplished by the two great hunters that discovered Finish Spitz’s gradual extinction.

The Appearance, Temperament, and Character

Finish Spitz is a very beautiful and attractive dog, which is majorly red or red gold. Its head looks like a fox; it has a narrow and medium sized head. It has strong dentition, dark eyes, and small pointy and swift ears. The breed is very agile and athletic, it can reach high speeds, and it is never scared of heights.

It is an intelligent and brave breed that is always wary of strangers, but that does not make it hostile to people around it. It is a very loyal and faithful dog that likes being in the company of is eager to learn things and can quickly get bored, so there should be lots of activities to keep them engaged.

Health and Grooming

They suffer from some health issues such as Elbow dysplasia, Hip dysplasia, Patellar Luxation and Epilepsy. These are the most common health problems it could have, but all these can be treated both medically and surgically.

Finish Spitz is a breed that requires a lot of exercises to stay healthy. It is a very lively breed that needs to keep fit. It has a beautiful, healthy coat that does not need to be trimmed or clipped; it is necessary to brush coats regularly.

What is a Scottish Deerhound?

The Scottish Deerhound is also referred to as “Royal Dog of Scotland.” It is a hunting dog that is kept to help clans in hunting animals for food. It is a large friendly dog that looks like the Greyhound.

Scottish Deerhound loves a spacious place so that it can have its legs stretched, its lifespan ranges from 8-9 years. In the 1880's, there was a sharp decline of Scottish Deerhound, few Scottish discovered and maintained the few stocks that remained.

Physical Appearance, Temperament, and Character

The Scottish Deerhound has an unkempt coat which makes it adapt to a harsh climatic condition of its habitat; it has got heavy, strong and large bones. Speed and power are portrayed by its strong bones, long legs, and huge chest. Its coat is so rough and thick; it is very close to its skin. The coat comes in various colours which could be Brindle, yellow, Blue-grey, Red fawn and Sandy-red.

The height of male Deerhounds ranges from 76 to 81 cm, and the weight ranges from 39 to 60 kg while female Deerhound height ranges from 71 to 74cm and weighs between 34-43 kg. It has a long and strong neck that is covered by hair.

The Scottish Deerhound is known to be loyal, lovely, cheerful and fun to be with the breed. It also loves being in the company of children and treats them gently. The Scottish Deerhound needs to socialize when it is young; it likes being around other big dogs.

Grooming and Health Issues

The Scottish Deerhound has various health issues which include Cataract, Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy, Panosteitis, Osteosarcoma, Cystinuria, etc.

Scottish Deerhound coats need to be well taken care of; the shaggy hair should be brushed at most twice a week to remove dirt. Its big nails should be regularly clipped, and it is necessary to start clipping of nails at a young age so that it would be done without stress or panic.

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