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Ten Least Intelligent Breeds of Dog

  • 20/11/2010

A survey done by nearly 200 judges of the Canadian and U.S. Kennel Clubs rated dogs based on how long it took specific breeds of canines to learn commands. If your pooch belongs to one of the breeds on this top ten list of most unintelligent dogs, maybe its time to consider giving Cesar Millan that call after all.

Apparently hounds dominate the list of not so intelligent canines.

10. Bassett Hound

Long floppy ears, big droopy eyes, tongue hanging out. What the Bassett Hound may lack in intelligence he certainly makes up for in cuteness. This scent-hunting pooch is a member of the hound family and is bred to hunt rabbits by their scent. Known to be friendly dogs, the Bassett Hound is a good dog for children. Which, considering those long floppy ears just begging to be tugged on, great disposition is certainly a great trait. But when it comes to training, slow and steady wins the race with this mild mannered hound and patience is key.

9. Beagle

Another scent chasing hound, the Beagle is a great pet for its size and temperament. Snoopy, from Charlie Brown, is probably one of the most famous beagles from pop culture. Beagles may not really be hard to train for their lack of intelligence, but more likely for their lack of attention span. The beagle is known to be independent and stubborn and when they get on the hunt of something with that super sensitive scent detection, calling them back may be a lost cause.

8. Mastiff

The mastiff is one of the largest of all the canines. This powerful pooch of massive size has been known to weigh from 100 to 200 lbs. Zorba, a mastiff from England, is still recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest dog in the world weighing in at over 315 lbs. Mastiffs are known to be stubborn, protective of their masters, and to make good guard dogs. Though it is also said that though the mastiff may be intimidating on first glance, they are generally regarded as big sweet hearts that don't take long to warm right up to.

7. Pekingese

The Pekingese is a tiny toy breed of canine from China. Known for their long fluffy fur and their flat little faces, Pekingese are often loud little dogs, barking away for attention. Pekingese are known to be jealous and child like even referred to as opinionated. They have been known to be aggressive, especially with other dogs, and anti-social. It is best to introduce the Pekingese to other dogs when still a puppy. A house with children is probably not the best option for the Pekingese to call home.

6. Bloodhound

The bloodhound is known for having the best nose in the hunting business. This large bred hound is used to track down missing persons and escaped prisoners. But all too often this strong sense of smell leads to the bloodhound's stubbornness and makes this hound often hard to obedience train. Patience and sweet-talking is said to be key when training this canine. The bloodhound also has one of the shortest life spans, with the average life span being around 7 years.

5. Russian Wolfhound

The Russian Wolfhound, also called a Borozoi, has long curly hair and is shaped like a greyhound. This quiet pooch is athletic and independent and rarely heard barking or making a fuss. They are not too territorial but often highly sensitive. The Russian Wolfhound is known to lack patience and to quickly get bored with activities based around repetition, making obedience training an unattractive notion to this hound.

4. Chow Chow

This fur ball of a canine is often referred to as having cat-like characteristics. They have a strong desire for personal space and often are not too fond of petting. They are characteristically territorial and aggressive and any training requires a firm hand and a strong-willed owner. The Chow Chow often becomes the leader of the pack in most households and takes over the territory quite quickly.

3. Bulldog

With their wrinkly faces, short little legs, and stocky bodies, these dogs are known to be dependable. Though they may look fierce, the bulldog is known to have a bark much worse than its bite. The bulldog is a great family dog and loves to be around children. But be warned, the bulldog needs lots of attention and if ignored is known to be a naughty and mischievous pet.

2. Basenji

It's often said that the Basenji's bark sounds more like a human's laugh than a dog's bark. This hunting dog from central Africa has an unusually shaped larynx that leads to its laughing bark. Often nicknamed the "barkless dog", the Basenji is said to be able to mimic sounds that they hear. They are often said to be a cat-like dog, ignoring their owners, staring out a window for hours, and even grooming themselves, just like a feline. The Basenji is alert, affectionate, demanding, energetic, and curious. It loves to play and makes a good pet, though often quite aloof.

1. Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound comes from the cold mountains of Afghanistan and was bred to hunt hares and gazelles. The Afghan hound is another aloof pooch, said to be dignified in nature, but often found clowning around and playing. The Afghan hound is known to simply ignore commands, even those it has already proved that it knows. Recent DNA studies show that the Afghan hound is one of the most ancient of the dog breeds.

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Comments (1)

Monica Quinn
Said this on 27/02/2012 At 04:03 pm

No one will be surprised if I stick up for Bassets when they hear I have three. Stubborn yes, but unintelligent, not a chance.  The cleverest of mine actually appears to reason things out, and they all regularly make smart decisions.  Stubborn..yes, and slow to train but defiinitely should not score 10.


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