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Smart Things to Consider When You Get a New Puppy

  • 15/11/2021

Puppies fill households with extra love and laughter. It’s exciting to bond with them and watch them grow up, but no one should bring a dog home without thinking things through. These are a few smart things to consider when you get a new puppy. You’ll create a better environment for them and feel more prepared for anything the future has in store.

1. How Do You Puppy-Proof a House?

When people talk about puppies, they often mention how they’re occasionally destructive. Young pups are naturally curious and have incredibly developed senses of smell. They want to learn about the world by sniffing things and putting things in their mouths. They can’t help that they also have sharp baby teeth and an urge to chew while they’re teething.

There isn’t one way to puppy-proof a house. You’ll also have to keep an eye on things so your dog doesn’t get into anything potentially dangerous. Look for loose electrical cords, small objects and anything breakable. Dogs also like to tear into books, dirty laundry and unsuspecting but smelly shoes. It’s best to keep things in cabinets or out of reach until they learn to only chew their toys.

2. Where Will Your Puppy Sleep?

How do you feel about your puppy being on furniture? Some people have expensive furniture and prefer dogs on the floor. Other people don’t mind cuddling with their pups during the night. Your puppy will need a comfortable place to sleep if you don’t want them on your bed. Find a dog bed they can grow into and place it right next to where you sleep so they don’t feel alone.

3. How Will Your Schedule Change?

Puppies have tiny bladders. If you bring one home at eight weeks old, they will likely have to go outside to use the bathroom every hour. Vets recommend that dog owners take puppies outside every two hours, but it depends on their age and if they prefer to pee after playing or getting excited.

Thinking about how your schedule will change is one of the smartest things to consider when you get a new puppy. Taking them outside, going on walks and keeping an eye on them will drastically change your routine. If you can’t commit to something like that right now, it might be better to put your adoption on hold until your schedule can be more flexible for the first few months of puppy life.

4. How Will You Train Them?

Training starts on the first day a puppy comes home. You’ll have to show them where they can go to the bathroom, what they can chew on and how to recognize their name when you call them. You’ll also need to think about which commands you’ll teach them and which ones you want to use throughout their life.

Commands like sit and stay are essential. Will you teach them what it means to drop their frisbee or get down from the couch? If you’re unsure how to start training your puppy, contact local experts who lead training classes suited for puppies of all ages.

5. How Much Do Puppies Cost?

Puppies are adorable, but they come with a hefty price tag. The average dog owner pays up to $2,455 during their dog’s first year at home, which doesn’t include the cost of buying a puppy from a breeder. Most of the fees will come from the numerous vet visits you’ll have to schedule for your puppy’s vaccinations. After the first year, the main costs will be your dog’s annual checkup, kibble, and monthly flea and tick medications.

6. Which Shots Do Puppies Need?

Puppies need a variety of vaccinations that require vet visits every two or three weeks until they’re four to six months old. They’ll get shots to protect them from diseases like:


●      Parvovirus

●      Rabies

●      Leptospirosis

●      Canine hepatitis

●      Canine Distemper

After they get all of their shots, they can hang out with other dogs without potentially getting ill and needing emergency care. Consult with your vet to ensure that your vaccination appointments are on track and get an estimate for each visit’s bill.

7. What Household Rules Will You Establish?

If you live alone, it’s much easier to raise a puppy without thinking about household rules. Family members complicate things. You’ll have to sit down with your kids and talk about important things like not feeding the puppy human food or letting it go outside without being on a leash. Make a list of rules everyone can follow until your new puppy routine becomes effortless for everyone.

8. What Will You Feed Them?

There are so many dog food companies that promise that they make the healthiest kibble for your dog. How will you choose your dog’s preferred brand, flavor and type of food? If you bring a puppy home from a breeder, they often recommend that you stick with whatever kibble they’ve been giving to their puppies. Otherwise, you can always talk with your vet about what they’d choose based on your dog’s breed and health history.

Plan for Your New Puppy

These are a few smart things to consider when you get a new puppy, but they might take time to work through. Start planning for your new life with a dog by picturing how you’ll handle each new responsibility. Once you know how your routine will change, how you’ll raise your puppy and how your family member can help, you’ll feel much more confident when it’s time to bring your pup home.

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