Practical Ways To Control Your Pet Allergies When You’re A Dog Owner

  • 27/01/2020
allergy-dog.jpgAccording to statistics, approximately 15% of the population is allergic to dogs or cats. In spite of these statistics, many of the people who are allergic to dogs still decide to have a canine as their pet, which can cause various health problems. However, living comfortably with a companion animal despite being allergic to them is possible, but it will require you to understand the condition and adhere to a few rules.

Wash and groom your dog regularly

Brushing your dog once a week should be one of the activities that one of the non-allergic family members could do for you. If you live alone, then use a mask when you groom the dog to avoid inhaling too many allergenic particles. When it comes to bathing, the frequency of cleaning your dog will completely depend on its breed. Some dogs can be washed once a month and others even once a week. Also, if your dog spends all the time indoors, except when you take it outside for a walk, it won’t require frequent bathing, unlike the canine who spends all of their time outdoors in the dirt, or even mud. Consult with your vet about how many times a month you should bathe the dog, because too frequent baths can irritate their skin and, as a result, their coat may dry out.

Dust and clean often

Pet dander is one of the main reasons you sneeze and your eyes tear up and itch because it contains the majority of allergens. That’s why you should dust and clean your home regularly, to bring the dander level to a minimum. Clean your pet’s bed, toys and blankets, and wash your own bedding, sheets and comforters, every week in a hot water. Make sure you vacuum your furniture, drapes and curtains regularly as well, aside from all the carpets. Cushions, sofa throws and stuffed animals can also be a powerful reservoir for dander, so make sure you keep them clean, too.

Use a quality air purifier

The air in your house should be clean and allergen-free as much as possible, and the best way to achieve that is to have a quality air purifier in every room. Only if you buy the best air purifier for allergies, will you be able to live comfortably with your dog, without suffering from allergy symptoms too much. Air purifiers with HEPA filters are the most efficient in eliminating allergens from the air, so look for the one that best suits your home and live a comfortable life around your canine friend.

Have a dog-free zone

It’s essential that you spend some time away from your dog. Even though it would be amazing to have your furry friend snuggling with you in your bed, that won’t do you much good because the allergens will be all over your sheets. This will further on make it impossible for you to sleep and get your rest which the body needs in order to recharge for the next day. Therefore, make sure you establish a dog-free zone and keep the dog away from the bedroom. What’s more, allergy-proof zippered covers for mattresses will be a great solution to keep the allergens away from the mattress. Change the clothes in the bathroom, so that the allergens don’t come anywhere near your bedroom.

Minimise contact

One of the best ways to control your pet allergies is to keep preventing your pooch from smooching you too often. Dog’s saliva is the main source of allergic reactions, so don’t allow too many dog kisses a day. Don’t let them lick your face, because the allergens from their saliva will make you feel sick.

Living with a dog even though you’re allergic to them is possible, as long as you stick to a few basic rules. Keep the house dust free, bath and groom your dog often, invest in a quality air purifier, have a dog-free zone, and don’t let the dog lick you if you want to keep your allergies at bay. 

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