Pet Technology of 2020: Play, Monitor, & Automatically Feed Your Dogs

  • 14/05/2020

There seems to be no shortage of benefits when it comes to owning a dog. From companionship, constant affection, unconditional love, and healthy well-being; they give it all. Just a few months ago, a published study stated that canines help humans achieve a long, fulfilling life (read more). According to the study, 33% of patients who suffered from a stroke and heart attack are less likely to die if they owned a dog.

The hundreds of upsides of being a fur parent shed light on why almost eighty million households in the US include a furry, four-legged family member with them. Surprisingly, 38 percent of those are Millennial-owned canines. The younger cohorts are redefining pet ownership and taking it into new heights. Instead of buying homes, getting married, and having kids, they are taking all these energies into becoming full-fledged dog parents.

Millennials now dominate the workforce and the consumer market, spending an average of $2000 (or more) per year on basic canine needs. They are also more meticulous than the previous generation when it comes to their fur babies’ essentials.

Instead of the traditional dog food and treat, they are opting for fresh, organic, and healthy meals for their barking babes. There is also an increase in availing pet services such as grooming, transportation, pet hotels, and even pet cemeteries.

Pet technology is also another source of excitement for avid dog owners. From robotic, self-cleaning litter boxes to smart doors with facial recognition. There clearly is no shortage either for new products for our furry babies. To get you updated, here are the top 5 technologies that hundreds of canine-loving individuals are gushing about.

1.  Automatic Pet Feeder

The biggest dilemma canine parent’s face is leaving their pup’s side. As a working dog parent, you have probably had difficulties in thinking about ways to feed your dog even when you are not around. Well, worry no more. The pet tech industry has heard your cries and created a solution to this dilemma. They bring you smart pet feeders to save the day.

These are computerized feeders programmed to automatically release dog food (wet and/or dry) to feed your pooches whenever you are not home. Feeders can be customized to suit the dietary needs of your fur baby. If they are battling obesity, feeders can be set to break up their daily meals into small portions throughout the day. For large breeds, it can dispense a suitable amount of food to satisfy their large stomachs.

It also comes with several features such as Wi-Fi activation, voice recording, and infrared detection. Head over to Pets Pest automatic dog feeders to check out different feeder brands that match your dog’s needs.

2.  Pet Wearables

Pet wearables are the new substitute for the invasive microchipping implant. Whistle, the pioneering manufacturer, was able to develop a healthy technology that goes beyond the standard tracking feature.

The pet wearable comes with an app that tells the real-time location of your pooch. It also indicates their favorite trips and a weekly heat map of their past location. The tracking device is equipped with long battery life and attached to a fashionable collar.

Aside from the location, it also monitors your dog’s health and behavior. It has a state-of-the-art health feature that gives you an insight into their daily health performance.

For one, it records their daily calorie intake, the distance they have traveled, and the rest they have taken. It also detects sleeping patterns as well as licking and itching habits. At the end of the week, the app will deliver a report on diet and health recommendations and preventive measures to take in case of health discrepancies.

3.  Smart Doors

The downside of installing a pet door is the risk of inviting uninvited wildlife into your home. As cute as raccoons are, they have a destructive nature that can wreak havoc into your kitchen. Luckily, technology has no limits. Microchip-powered doors offer a safe and secure passage for your dogs to enjoy the outdoors even if you are not around.

Microchip doors have a discreet design which makes it less obvious that you have a pet door installed. As the name implies, it is an automatic door operated by the smart keys worn by your pups. It automatically locks and unlocks whenever it detects the chip’s tech presence. Owners can also control its lock features from an app. They can lock it at specific times such as during the night.

Smart doors can accommodate canines of all sizes. It can also register up to 32 microchips to allow for those with a large pack.

4.  Dog camera

We all know that dogs are not the only clingy creatures to ever exist. Fur parents are much clingier, especially when they are out on business trips and family gatherings.

The tech industry offers a convenient way to keep tabs on your pups and ease your separation anxiety. Doggy cams allow you to watch over your four-legged friend through your smartphones. It comes with a real-time video monitoring camera with a two-way audio system to allow communication from both sides.

Some cameras have a 160-degree viewing angle equipped with a night vision. Others also have an automatic treat dispenser to keep your dog entertained during their alone time. Another great feature is its integrated real-time barking recognition. It has an alert sensitivity which notifies owners whenever their pups make loud and frightened barks. It doubles as a security camera to remotely monitor your home.  

5.  Dog TV

According to, more owners are turning to technology for the happiness of their pets. They are constantly looking for various ways to keep their pet from getting bored. One such way is by subscribing to DogTv. It’s a cable channel especially designed for, well, our precious doggies.

The creators used published studies to create a program suitable to the mental and visual capabilities of canines. The channel airs programs with images and sound adapted to our pooches’ understanding. Aside from entertainment and relaxation, it also stimulates their brain’s memory and learning potential.

Programs are made from the collaboration of cognitive scientists, veterinarians, and canine experts. It is designed to keep them engaged and entertained, especially when they are home alone.

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