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New To Dog Breeding? 5 Innovative Tips To Raise Vendible Offspring

  • 10/03/2020
breeding-puppies.jpgIf you are a new dog breeder, things can be challenging during the initial stages of spending time with your canine friend. For instance, some new owners are convinced that their one-year-old, seemingly bold dog, is a complete fail when it shows no sign of aggression towards potential intruders. In other instances, you might be surprised when the dog shows unexpected rage and bravery.

Dogs have plenty of benefits and are worth the training and effort it takes to raise them. Canine breeding is a lucrative venture if done the right way. Below are some tips to help you breed saleable offspring.

Selecting your Breed

People are more becoming aware of the specific traits of different canine breeds, both good and bad. You, as the breeder, need to figure out the good ones that appeal to you most. What works for another breeder might not work for you.

Firstly, ensure you source an original breed. Cheap crossbreeds are famous for unpredictable behavior and somewhat blended physical traits. Start by researching extensively about the dog you want. Find out what makes that type of dog easy or challenging to work with and also what might make them appealing to your chosen market.

Preparing Your Female for Her First Offspring

Finding or raising an ideal mum for your potential pups is vital. You need to understand that puppies will pick up some traits by learning from their mums. You don't want to rush into this venture with a less experienced female. It's easier to instil the right social skills in your puppies through their mother. 

On top of this, you want to make sure you take the best care of mama dog so she can take great care of her litter. Invest in nutrient-rich food so that you can ensure mum and puppies get everything they need. 

If you are not sure where to start, read this post for more tips on readying yourself and your dog for puppies.

Build an Ideal Shelter

This will depend on whether or not you have outdoor guard dogs or pets that live in your house. For the latter, all you need to source is a comfortable bed that can accommodate the extra pups. Outdoor dogs will require well-designed kennels that can withstand the worst of the weather. 

Alternatively, indoor dog dens are a popular solution for owners with underutilized rooms. It would be best if you made the environment as warm as possible and keep the hygiene standard goof for the young canines.

Source for an Appropriate Mate 

It's important to know when your female is on heat. Blood deposits in the kennel are the most common sign. However, if you have other neutered male dogs, you may see an amazing mock fight that almost only occurs when the bitch is on heat.

After you are 100% sure your bitch is ready for her first litter, the first step is to look for an ideal mate. A successful ejaculation is all you are after when it comes to natural breeding. Sometimes a young bitch might react aggressively towards the dog as she's often unaware of what is about to happen. It's, therefore, essential to support the two as much as possible until you are sure of a successful ejaculation.

If natural breeding is not successful, artificial insemination is the way to go. Artificial insemination is fast, and the quality of the breed is almost always assured.

Unintended Mating 

Like humans, dogs have a sort of emergency pill solution. Should you find out that your dog humped with another, use emergency pills to avoid unintended pregnancy. Refrain from forcefully separating the two; the dog has probably ejaculated already. Instead, visit your local vet and have a preventive shot administered. Nevertheless, an experienced breeder would invest in proper fencing techniques to keep the bitch from mating with any dog that comes through the fence.

Final Thoughts

The way you raise your puppies will determine how marketable they are. Make sure you get the best breed through appropriate mating. Don't forget to feed and vaccinate your puppies for healthier growth.

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