Moving With Pets: How To Help Pets Avoid Stress During A House Move

  • 18/11/2019
moving-with-dogs.jpgHaving a pet can be one of the best things that can happen to someone. Pets are most likely there for everything that's happening to us, happy or sad. This means if you have a pet now, and you're about to move, then your pet will become an important consideration of your entire moving process. After all, all the movement related to packing things, and actually traveling to unfamiliar places can make your pets anxious, and might affect our pets negatively. Making sure you pull off your move without stressing your pet is extremely important. Here's how to do it:
  • Visit your new place with your pet. Pets are very territorial creatures. They tend to be more familiar and comfortable in places that they know. As such, it's important for them to get comfy in your new home so they are comfortable with the move. When you visit your place to check for documents, especially for permits for long-distance moving companies, try to bring your pet with you.  So when you have the time, visit your new home with your pet. This way, they can get more familiar not just with their home but with the neighborhood around them. Hopefully, they'll be more comfortable in their new home before the move even happens. 
  • Don't change your routine with your pet. As pets can't talk, they usually rely on routines we've set with them. When pets don't get to follow the routine you set, they might feel something's wrong. So when you do conduct parts of the move try not to interrupt your pet's schedule and routine. This is especially in terms of eating and even medicine. 
  • Take familiar stuff with your pet during the move. In the moving process, it might help your pet greatly if you keep their favorite toys, blankets, and other trinkets near them. You can have your pet hang around these toys at the back of your car. That way, they'll still have the familiar scent of the stories even if they're in a completely new house. 
  • Get your pet familiar with movers. If you're planning to hire moving companies for your move, it might help to get your pet familiar with the presence of the movers. this not only avoids hostility on part of your pet, but this can also make them more comfortable when they see the movers around your home. This might seem odd and unorthodox, but it can really help your pet be more comfortable with your move when they know that the people around them are safe to be with. 
  • Ask professionals for medical advice. If your pet has a particular medical condition, it might help to also consult a vet in order to know what else you might need to help your pet be stress-free during the move. This is important, as stress can trigger negative physical effects not just to people but to animals as well. Understanding if your pet can be affected physically by stress can help you be more motivated to make the moving experience as comfortable for them as possible.

Pet Stress During Moving: Help Them Get Comfy

With the steps above, it's important to remember that a huge part of what stresses pets out is our lack of time to immerse them in the things that we're doing. This means, in terms of the moving process, it's important to slowly introduce our pets to the idea that they are moving to a new home, and that this new home is safe. Hopefully, the tips above will be able to help you and your pet have a better time bonding alongside your house move. 

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Kim Terry
Said this on 31/08/2020 At 02:03 pm

Thank you so much for posting these fabulous and absolute tips!

Moving is a stressful experience--there are various tasks involved and a great deal of planning to do in order to successfully execute the move. You have to determine your moving budget, choose your method of relocation, research movers and compare quotes, pack your belongings, transfer medical records, change your address--and the list goes on. Moving long-distance can require even more planning than a local move. You may feel so bogged down by the taxing process that it kills the excitement and anticipation of starting over in a new place.

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