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Most Popular Dog Breeds Today

  • 30/11/2022
Popular-dog-breeds.jpgDogs have been man’s best friend since before history began. They have been by our side for so long, and we have moulded them to our every need, that today there are more breeds than anyone could possibly know. Many of these breeds, like Bloodhounds or German Shepherds, often serve quite specific functions—sniffer dogs, police dogs etc.

However, by far the biggest market for dogs is simply the dogs that are most loved by pet owners. Most of us just love their company, and don’t need them to do anything special. Others are looking for something different in a dog—maybe a competitor in a Greyhound.

In any case, let’s look at the most popular breeds of today.

    1. Labrador Retriever

      Unchallenged favourite of many, many decades, the Labrador Retriever is almost the standard image most people have of a dog. Tall, proud, wolf like and coming in only a few colour variations like yellow, black and chocolate, Labradors are the gold standard of dogs.

      Originally a British breed, they were developed from fishing dogs brought back from Newfoundland at least as early as the 1830s. Labradors were at the time bred for aiding in fishing and aiding in water tasks in general.

      Today, they are known for being exceptionally playful, friendly, and eager to please. One of the reasons they became so popular is their obedience and ability to rapidly learn new commands. Though there is no definite way of measuring canine intelligence, the ability to pick up new commands quickly is often thought to indicate greater cognitive function.

      Unchallenged favourite of many years, then, the Labrador Retriever is to this day without equal in the dog world.

        2. Greyhounds

          Not quite so popular as pets as the Labrador (though still very popular by any standards), the greyhound is much better known for one thing: speed. Greyhound racing has been in practice for a long time, from at least as early as 1876. Today, it is more popular than ever, attracting fans both in person and through online betting companies, with many even seeking to adopt Greyhounds that have retired from racing.

          Despite being known mainly for racing, Greyhounds are exceptionally affectionate dogs. They will become deeply attached to their owners, and will enjoy snuggling up with people.

          Considering their reputation, too, it is always quite surprising to learn that they are actually relatively inactive on a day-to-day basis. They may go out for a walk once or twice a day, and do some short bursts of sprinting. Apart from that, you’ll mostly find them on the couch.

          In any case, Greyhounds are certainly one of the most popular breeds today, both in racing and as pets.

            3.French Bulldog

              Among the most instantly recognisable breeds, the French Bulldog is a chic favourite for its regal, elegant appearance. Particularly prized for their unique and glossy coats, French Bulldogs are very different from their British counterparts. They’re typically much smaller, for one thing, and tend to have less droopy faces—whether they are more or less cute is really a matter of personal taste.

              In any case, French Bulldogs are certainly among the most popular today. Unlike Greyhounds or Labradors, they do not have any special abilities that they are especially well known for. French Bulldogs were bred mainly because they were popular, and they were a great chance for breeders to make money.

              That said, they are still extremely intelligent and eager to please, as well as caring and affectionate towards their humans. It’s easy to see why the diminutive Frenchie has become so popular with certain circles—they really are gorgeous, elegant dogs.

                4. Poodle

                  Another ‘aesthetic’ dog, the poodle is probably the one most highly associated with riches and wealth. It is not entirely clear where the breed originated—some claim it was in Germany, some in France.

                  Though today they are well known for the kinds of extravagant haircuts they might get or the regal appearance they can give their handlers, poodles were originally bred as wildfowl hunters, meaning they would retrieve shot game from waters. Though they are a highly aesthetic breed today, they were originally bred for a job.

                  Like many dogs who once had a more specific purpose but does no longer, poodles are mainly kept as pets and companions today. Indeed, in this category, they are one of the most popular breeds, and indeed have spawned many popular cross breeds, such as the Labradoodle.

                  Poodles are indeed beautiful dogs.

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