How To Get My Dog Calm While Cutting His Nails?

  • 19/04/2019

Many times, we feel that trimming our dog's nails is the toughest thing to do, especially if he is already past the puppy stage. The process can even be more hectic if you wait until to cut them when he is an adult. Typically, some dogs will take longer than others to get used to the process. Nevertheless, we can all agree that the success revolving around this depends on some basics:

●       Your ability to remain consistent while teaching your dog on how to stay calm during nail trimming.

●       Your determination to handle the nails yourself rather than taking him to a professional every time he requires grooming.

What's the big deal with long nails?

There are many reasons why your pup's nails are meant to remain as short as possible:

⮚      The first reason is the fact that long nails are painful. Once he walks on the hard surface, the nails are pushed right into their nail beds and end up digging into its skin. These toes may end up arthritic causing it immense pain whenever he walks around, or you touch him.

⮚      The second reason is that the cats' families rely on the nerves in their feet to relay information into the rest of the body. If long nails are introduced, this may not happen.

Regardless of everything, you need to remain patient as you teach your dog how to stay calm. With time, all the fuss will be gone, provided you follow these tips enlisted below.

1. Use food treats

Every time your dog shows signs of nervousness or fear when you introduce something new to him, you need to reward him with positive things. The best treat that works for every dog is food! No matter how distracted a dog seems, he will never shy away from food. They mostly associate treats with the goodwill of their masters. He will have a perception that as long as he is being rewarded for staying calm, it is an activity he should not fear.

2. Tools for work

Your tools of trade matter when it comes to trimming. Just like you love it quick and fast on your nails, your pet deserves it too. You need to have a pair of these clippers for efficiency purposes. The disadvantage of using the Guillotine style clippers is as a result of the pain they cause since they tend to crush the toe instead. When using your clippers, the basic rule is never to put the whole nail in the clipper. Only cut what is detached from the skin. This will reduce the risk of making cuts. In addition to this, use only small-sized clippers for better control.

The other rule is using only sharp tools. Ensure that they are new and sharpened. If you decide to use the old clippers, have them disinfected and sharpened regularly. For the finish, ensure that you file only the outer part of the nail where it is insensitive. For excellent results, use best dog nail grinders in the market. This will keep the dog calm throughout the clipping process since most

3. Acquaint your dog to the sound of clippers

The only way to make him used to the tool is if you get hold of them regularly. If you pick the Clippers, ensure that you look happy. You can entice him to accustom with the feeling by giving him treats. Before you decide to clip his nails, open and close the clippers at a close range. Let him hear the sound until he doesn't look surprised anymore. If he feels relaxed, you can then hold his feet and begin the process.

4. Teach your dog to love paw-handling

On your regular days, always hold his paws in your hands. Make sure that you use a soothing voice as you gently massage them. He will eventually get accustomed to you handling him.

Clipping is very vital to your pup. The worst experience could be handling a scared dog. For this reason, ensure that you practice the tips above before you clip him the next time.

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