How to Deal With A Growling Dog

  • 29/08/2018

I am sure you guys must have come across an incident where a dog is growling at you and your natural instinct would be warning you to maintain a distance from him. Growling usually means that the dog is angry and he is warning you to stay away. But it’s very important for us dog owners to understand the reason behind growling and only then we can stop him from doing this.

Dog growling is a way of communication for dogs. They convey that they are afraid of something around or are suffering from any pain or they don’t want us to be in that territory. It is very important to handle Dog Growling as in many cases it is followed by serious aggression activities.

Try to be Calm and don’t run as dogs tend to run after moving things. There would be high chances that he may bite you if you start running.

Do not punish a Growling Dog

Many Dog owners get angry or upset when they observe their dog growling at them or someone else and start punishing them by beating them or scolding them. They try to suppress growling.

This is not a good idea as you are teaching him not to growl. This will finish a way of him warning the world that he is about to bite.

You might have heard stories from people who tell that some dog bites without any warning and this is because their dog owners had trained him this way by suppressing dog growling.

Find the Reason of Growling

As I mentioned, Growling is a way of communication for dogs. They convey to us messages when they growl. It is important to understand the reason of them growling instead of suppressing them or scolding them.

The main reasons for growling are fear, pain, and aggression over possession or territory. We shall not teach our dog not to growl but rather understand the reason behind that growling and solve those issues.

Put a Full Stop at Dog Growling

So now you must be aware that you shall concentrate on solving the underlying problems that dog is facing when he is growling instead of trying to stop him. Once the pain, fear, possession aggression and fear of losing territory is dealt with, he would no longer need to growl.

Your dog may also be growling if he is in pain in his body and you should call any veterinarian to take care of the pet.

The rest three causes of dog growling namely possession aggression, fear and territoriality are some serious behavioural problems and you shall look to maintain a daily routine to train your dog. Obedience training is really helpful in grooming your dog and getting rid of behavioural problems.

You can take help from this Mr Doggy Dan’s online training course which has solved many serious problems with dog behavioural problems. You can read the Latest Review of this online dog training program.

Do not ignore this growling behaviour of your dog and be alert to the environment near your dog when he is growling so you can make out the cause of growling. Alert other people, so they don’t get bitten by your beloved pet dog.

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