How To Control Excessive Shedding

  • 08/03/2018

If you have a dog that is prone to excessive shedding, you know how challenging controlling this problem can be.  And while most people reading this consider themselves dog people, it would be nice if we weren't covered in hair like our furry friends. 

Why Dogs Shed

Shedding is one thing that all dog owners will eventually have to deal with. To better understand if the level of shedding your dog is exhibiting is normal or not, it's good to know some of the reasons a dog might be shedding in the first place.


1. Seasonal Shedding

Most long-haired breeds with a double-coat will exhibit varying degrees of seasonal shedding.  During this process, most of the dogs under-coat will be released from their body.  Seasonal shedding will usually occur in the early to late spring, this timing allows double-coated breeds to stay cool throughout the summer.  


2. Stress

Another reason your dog may be shedding more than normal is stress.  Some dogs, when introduced to a new environment, will start to show some signs of increased hair loss.  This is most common when you have to take your dog in your vehicle, especially if they are not used to travelling in the car.  Also when you introduce your dog to new people or other dogs the stress may also lead to a little more shedding. 

3. Skin Problems

Unlike normal shedding, skin problems are a cause for concern.  Skin problems can range from benign to serious, and may even require medical attention.  One less serious skin problem that can cause shedding is dry skin.  If a dog has very dry skin this can cause their hair to easily break or fall out. 

In a worst-case scenario, a dog may be suffering from a wide range of skin disorders like ringworm, lice, mites or even worse.  In those cases seek immediate medical attention in order to treat the condition appropriately.

Controlling Shedding

1. Bathing

One of the best ways to keep shedding under control is to bath your dog with a deshedding shampoo.  These shampoos contain essential fatty acids which can help nourish your dog's skin and coat.  The Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids found in these shampoos will keep your dogs skin from drying out.  Regularly using these shampoos can be a real help if you want to get control of your dog's shedding problem. 

2. Grooming

Brushing your dog on a regular basis will also limit the amount of hair that ends up all over your house.  Regularly brushing your dog will ensure the loose hairs end up in the brush instead of on your clothes and furniture. Grooming is especially important if your dog is experiencing seasonal shedding since it will help speed up the natural hair loss process.


3. Diet

Making sure your dogs nutrient needs are met is another way to prevent shedding.  If your dog's hair looks dry and brittle this could be due to a lack of essential fatty acids.  If that's the case try providing your dog with an  Omega 3 supplement.  A lack of protein or biotin could also be a cause of any shedding problems.  The best remedy for any dietary related shedding is to always make sure you are feeding your dog a nutrient dense high-quality dog food. 

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Mark Young is a writer at ThePetSupplyGuy, where he provides advice on pet supplies for dogs and a wide range of other animals. Mark is also the proud owner of a Dachshund named Penny.

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