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How Dog Lovers Spend Time Online—Games and More!

  • 02/11/2022

Many dog owners enjoy the priceless times they share with their pets, from playing around to walking in the neighborhood, trips to the vet and snapping selfies together. Yet, for various reasons, you can’t stay in contact with your dog 24/7.

Sometimes he might be out fooling around. Or you could be at work staring at memes. Scratch that: Being a productive employee. For those days you have nothing else to do but spend time online, join fellow dog owners in doing these seven hobbies.

Buying Supplies

Is there anything like too many toys for your dog? For many people, there’s no budget when it comes to making their fur babies happy. According to research firm Zulily, millennials lead the demographics for shopping the most pet supplies online.

Up to 92% of millennial pet owners buy their dogs gifts, and 51% of the demographic do it every month. Interestingly, they also buy their dogs clothes at double the rate of baby boomers, showing just how much they like to spend on their pets.

Of course, not everyone has the money to buy luxuries for their dogs monthly. But there’s a growing trend for dog owners to buy food and other necessities online. The explanation is that Internet retail stores are cheaper, more convenient and make the most sense in these pandemic times.

Playing Games with Cool Dogs

The Internet is jam-packed with games inspired by pets. Some of them let you simulate dog owners and you have to take care of your canine like normal humans. Or it could be a regular video game with a dog you can pet.

Amazingly, you could also play pet themed slots for real money: Dog Pound Dollars, Hound hotel and dog slots, to name a few. In case you’re wondering, features a hand-picked list of top online casinos with dog-themed slots. The average site has 300+ games, including roulette, blackjack, bingo, poker and scratchers.

With that in mind, choosing a pet-inspired online game can be overwhelming. There are too many of them, some of which are too sweet to resist. Think of Boney, the cute hat-wearing doggo from Nintendo’s Mother 3.

Then there’s PaRappa the Rapper, the ‘90s PlayStation icon that had better rhymes than some of today’s mumble rappers. Another video game pet to love is the canine in Fallout 4. He’s extremely loyal and reliable, something needed in the survival game.

Watching or Creating Funny Dog Memes

Type ‘Dog Memes’ on Google, Facebook or Instagram and you’ll get thousands of research results. It’s almost like the entire world is into dog memes. And what’s not to like? Cute faces, funny poses, and bossy dogs, fashion-aware canines: The Internet has all sorts of memes.

You can also become a ‘Meme Supplier,’ the new title netizens baptize people that create memes. All you need is a computer and a great deal of knowledge about trends, dog topics and current events.

There are plenty of free programs to help add captions to dog images. However, you could also pay for a professional package. After that, you need a platform to promote your work. A website or social media page is enough. But it’s never a bad idea to have both.

Watching Funny Dog Videos on YouTube

Name something better on YouTube than funny dog clips. Well, watching hilarious fail-clips rank at the top. But they are a no match for wholesome videos of doggos running around with their owners.

Better yet, watch clips of highly trained dogs doing things most dogs can only dream of. From breaking Olympic high jump records to organizing homes, comforting their human friends to protecting families, there are lots of great videos for dog owners online.

Of course, you can also become a content creator on YouTube. No, you don’t need a web camera and a microphone to record yourself. You could compile videos from different sources or review gifts for pet owners. The bottom line is to build a community of dog owners.

Blogging about Dogs

Who said blogging was dead? It’s alive and well! And guess what? It’s more on demand than ever before. Sure, people are reading books less and less these days. But they are spending more time on blogs, reading fun, educative or informative posts about their favorite animals.

The beauty of blogging is that it’s cheap, undemanding and can be profitable. Setting up a website costs no more than €100. Then you can post as many posts as you want. If busy, you could blog once or twice a week.

And after a few months of marketing your content throughout the web, you could develop a fan base. With a fan base comes the opportunity to sell merchandize, advertise or promote brand products for commissions.

Providing Pet Care Training

One of the best things about the Internet is that you can build a career doing things you love. Picture this. You love your dog. You keep records, groom her, feed her, walk her and buy her gifts every month.

But what if you could also make money training people how to take care of their dogs? It would be easy money, right? That’s what websites like are for. You create short courses about any topics on dogs. And if someone finds it helpful, they purchase it.

Don’t worry about choosing topics. The Internet is there for that. You can research to find topics new dog owners are most interested in. Then you can create a course based on these keywords. Udemy will do the marketing for you.

Of course, you can also launch your own website to avoid sharing profits with third-party platforms. But keep in mind that marketing a new site is a lot of work.

Your Turn

There you have it—the best online hobbies for dog owners. Some of them are great for passing time. Others can fetch you pocket change or help you change careers. All the same, there’s always something fun to do online when you’re away from your dog.

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