How Does Air Quality Affect Your Pet?

  • 10/08/2021
air-pollution.jpgIdeally, pets (and humans too) should spend the majority of their time outdoors where the air is fresher, and everything is better. However, that's only possible in the countryside while we, and our pets, have to be indoors most of the time. Of course, the quality of indoor air is slightly lower than that of the air outdoors. Depending on where you live, outdoor air could also be polluted to the extent of causing harm to your pet. Here's how air quality affects your pet as well as the best pet health solutions for problems relating to air pollution:

Causes of Air Pollution

Air pollution is a consequence of large scale emissions of toxic gases into the atmosphere. Carbon emissions from vehicles, power plants, and coal are the major causes of atmospheric pollution in urban areas. In the domestic setting, air pollution can be caused by sources of heat such as stoves and fireplaces, air fresheners and tobacco smoke.

Effects of Air Pollution on Pets

Just like humans, pets can develop health complications when exposed to polluted environments. For one, cats and dogs living with smokers have been found to be more at risk of acquiring lung conditions than even their smoking owners. This is because they spend a lot of time on or near the floor and thus inhale more passive smoke. So, next time you want to smoke, go outside or use a pet air purifier for your furry friend's health or, even better, try and give up smoking altogether but staying motivated during the cessation period might be a bit of a challenge.

Scientists have further found that pets that are constantly exposed to heavy pollution in major cities such as Mexico City and New York are at risk of brain inflammation. In addition to that, dogs that are in regular contact with pesticides could develop canine malignant lymphoma, basically the primary type of cancer in dogs.

The use of cleaning and bleaching agents at home has also been linked to lung and nasal cancer in dogs as they are always putting their noses everywhere. That's the extreme part of it. Mostly, the effect of these cleaning agents, coupled with your air fresheners is laboured breathing, eye irritation and discharge among both cats and dogs. It's cool and all to clean up after your pet, but it's way cooler to use natural products.

Pet Health Solutions for Enhanced Air Quality

Here are several tips on how to take care of a pet and ensure it gets the best quality of air possible:

  1. Try to open your windows for several hours a day to provide proper ventilation
  2. Invest in a pet humidifier to keep your indoor air sufficiently moist especially during winter. Excessively dry air can cause skin and eye irritations for your friends with 4 paws. Check out this link for recommendations on the best whole house humidifier for improved air quality in your home.
  3. Avoid smoking while near your pet, mainly when indoors as passive smoke is very harmful to animals.
  4. Tightly close your windows and doors every night to prevent smoky air from getting inside the house.


Your pet is an essential member of your family, and a key cog in your mental wellbeing and you should, therefore, ensure he is well taken care of. The above tips are key to that.


Betti Wilson is a freelance writer from Springfield, Illinois. Two dogs owner loves animals more than humans. Besides travels a lot with her lovely pets.

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