How Do I Stop My Dog From Peeing In The House?

  • 03/06/2017

Dogs are cute animals to share a home with. However, sometimes dogs can be messy especially if they choose to pee on the floor or anywhere else in the house.

This frustrates many homeowners, not knowing how to deal with this problem.

One mistake that I have noticed among many individuals is that they punish their dogs. They even go to the extent of making the dog smell the pee or even the poop.

Well, this will never solve your problem. This is because the dog will not know the reason for punishment.

Why does your dog urinate indoors?

ü  The dog may not know that it should go outside to pee. Young dogs, especially, may have little training on this.

ü  If your dog was used to staying in its dog house, then it might find it unnecessary to go outside and pee.

ü  Some dogs have a urinary tract infection and hence may urinate before it reaches its peeing destination. In this case, please take the dog to the veterinary to have it checked.

ü  Dogs are somehow territorial. If there is something that threatens its territorial headship, then it will pee in the house. New furniture, new visitors and new animals are good examples of things that may threaten the dog.

What to Do To Stop Your Dog from Peeing in the House

1.    Proper Training

You do not even have to pay anyone to have your dog trained. Training your dog is easy.

When the dog is about to pee in the house, call it out or even clap your hands. It will stop peeing. You can notice when a dog is about to pee when your dog begins to sniff the ground, or even when it lifts one of its hind legs.

Take your dog outside and wait for a few minutes. It will eventually pee.

Additionally, you can train your dog by taking it out to the peeing spot every now and then. Take them in the morning, in the afternoon and just before you retire to bed.

2.    Put them in an enclosed place

This is only applicable in the case where you are busy doing something else. Alternatively, you can close them up in an x-pen before you come back home.

This enclosure acts like a baby crib. You can fully focus on what you are doing than the constant distraction from your dog while it is enclosed. You can also do this to keep the dog from peeing carelessly when you are out of the house.

3.    Appreciate Your Dog

Dogs are human’s best friend. You will probably congratulate your friend if they do the right thing. Because you want your dog to know that it is doing the right thing, make sure that you praise it when it pees outside. Do this as it pees or when it finishes its business.

You will begin to notice the change in behaviour once you start appreciating the dog. You can give your dog a massage or give it a pat to show appreciation.


Be patient as you do the above steps. You can see an animal behaviourist if you do not notice any changes with time.

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