How Do I Give My Dog The Best Birthday Ever?

  • 08/05/2019

Many people perceive their dogs as important family members and would wish to make their birthday happy and memorable. Unlike years back, celebrating the dog’s birthday has become a common thing and it is socially accepted across the world. It is imperative to do something of decency to your puppy’s most important day.  Nevertheless, there is a humiliation when it comes to dog’s birthday celebrations especially from individuals with veiled standpoints on dogs. Do not be discouraged by the behaviors of such individuals. It is just so important to appreciate your dog with something of value, even if you may not gather in celebration.

How do you view your dog? Our dogs are members of our family and it is important to treat them as such. When it comes to their birthdays, we should make them as happy as we can. But how can make a birthday for a pet interesting? This is one question many pet owners ask over and over. Do you also feel it is a little bit hard to make your dog happy? There are just so many ways of doing that as we are going to see briefly. But begin by keeping him clean. Try a professional dog grooming services and ensure the pup is decent on his birthday.

Give Your Dog the Best Birthday Ever

It is possible to celebrate your puppy’s birthday in a very interesting and meaningful manner. You even do not have to go overboard. But the question is how can you just do that? Well, you need to plan. As in any life event, planning for your dog’s birthday may appear challenging. If you subject the pup in kind of a mix, the situation can turn out to be not only stressful but also detrimental to him.

However, with planning, everything will go and everyone will be happy. To help you make it count, we are going to discuss at least seven tips on how to give your dog the best birthday ever. So we begin…

•    Host a party. If you intend to make your dog’s birthday memorable, then consider hosting a birthday party for him. Make it a normal party, though with moderations. You can invite family members and friends to the occasion. When we talk of friends, we refer to both the dogs’ friends and your friends. We do well to ask ourselves the purpose of having friends. Having fun with friends is one of the unforgettable experiences you can ever have.

Dogs have got friends too and it is important to invite them as well for the celebration. But if you have never been with a bunch of pups at home, invite just a few. It is okay to keep it intimate and therefore a few dog’s friends will be enough to make the day remarkable for your puppy. You can bake cakes for the dog, give some wonderful goodies, and organize some games. But be very careful if you intend to host the party outside. Ensure the dogs’ gets clean water and are under a shade throughout. Be watchful over everything and ensure they are well supervised.

•    Buy a new toy for the celebration. A new toy will be a perfect gift for your dog and will contribute to making the day special. Play with a fantastic new doggie toy you have been reserving for this special occasion. Is there a specialty shop in the neighborhood? Then indulge your pup with a ball, or perhaps a new Frisbee. Give the dog freedom of choice and let him whatever interests him in the store. It is time to bring out all the nice biscuits you have been keeping for this occasion. You and your puppy will no doubt enjoy. Prior to the big day, interact with friends and learn various dog-friendly means of celebrating.

•    Consider Birthday photos. Photos often bring good memories and I guess your intention is to make the day unforgettable. With smiles on your faces, take some nice snapshots for everybody to relish. And there are so many ways of doing this. You can take some good selfies or hire a photographer to design a professional souvenir. Remember to share these photos on Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms. Remember special occasions require a lot of snaps and aim at making the bash outstanding with exceptional decorations at the photo station.

•    Go for walk with him. It is his day and so you should consider taking him out. Together you can visit some favorite places provided dos are allowed. Play with water and make him wet. In addition, this a fantastic moment to enjoy a meal at a restaurant together. It will be wonderful to see how others admire your dog. If you are short of places to take your dog, BarkHappy app will help you through the dog-friendly map. Alternatively, you can bring back good memories by visiting the place you met each other for the first time. If this was an animal shelter, you can donate something. Give your pup a treat that will signify how providential you were to have met him.

•    Let the dog tear open a gift. Did you buy some birthday presents for your dog? The unveiling of the present can be quite interesting if you allow him to unwrap. However, this will depend on whether he has the unwrapping experience.  You can simplify the process by using either gift bags or ensure the present is wrapped in a simple way. But be watchful and ensure he does not eat the wrapping paper.

•    Take into account your puppy’s needs. It is important to tailor the celebration to the needs of your pup. For instance, if your puppy has some dietary limitations, consider what he can take.  As a friend, you know your dog quite well. If he is not as spry as before, make things simple and ensure he does not get overwhelmed by excitement.

Have you ever hosted a birthday party for your dog?  Many people do not know even their puppies’ birthday. Your dog is a member of your family and deserves to be treated as such. If you follow the tips discussed in this blog, you will give your dog the best birthday ever.

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