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Holistic Pet Care: What it is, The Benefits, and Tips to Try Now

  • 18/06/2022
Holistic Pet Care.jpgJust as people are different and complex in every way, so are pets. All cats, dogs, and other pets have unique needs, and what works for one pet may not work for another. That includes foods, medicines, grooming styles, and pet health care. One veterinarian may assess your pet one way, and another may see something different. Understanding the whole pet is why more pet owners are turning to holistic pet care - caring for the pet's whole body, mind, and spirit.

Continue reading to learn more about holistic pet care, the benefits of holistic pet care, and some tips to try now to give your pet a happier, healthier life.

What Is Holistic Pet Care?

Holistic care in any form results from taking the whole body into account and considering alternative treatment methods. It gives doctors an arsenal of approaches to pet ailments and overall health for pets.

Like humans, pets can develop kidney disease, cancer, GI illnesses, and allergies. Holistic pet care is tailored to the unique needs of your pet. Holistic care creates an effective and gentle health journey for your pet.

Holistic care for pets raises the same controversies as holistic care for humans. However, used in conjunction with traditional medicines, holistic care for pets is growing in popularity, safe, and has many benefits.

What Do Holistic Veterinarians Do For Pets?

When pet owners visit holistic veterinarians, they go beyond what traditional veterinary offices do. They have more tools to treat pets that can make a huge difference in your pet's life. Some practices of holistic veterinarians include:


The use of herbs and supplements to a pet's traditional diet for a happy, healthy pet.

Sound therapy

Using certain sounds or types of music to soothe pets.


Thin needles get inserted at various points across the pet's body. The points of the needle entry produce benefits to correct energy balance.

Chiropractic treatments

The gentle manipulation of the pet to realign and alleviate joint and muscle pain.


Using pressure to manipulate the muscles and joints of ailing pets.


The use of essential oils, candles, and other substances creates calming scents for pets.

Benefits of Holistic Pet Care

Although pets cannot say that they feel better, there are several benefits to holistic pet care. Some of those benefits include:

●      The treatment goes to the source of the problem - not only the symptoms.

●      Holistic care looks at why a problem is happening with the pet and works on resolving it.

●      Holistic treatment doesn’t over-medicate pets. Alternative treatments and therapies safeguard against over-medicating pets.

●      Treatments improve a pet's quality of life by delivering total body and mind wellness.


Other benefits include:

●      Stress and pain relief

●      Better digestion and coat

●      Stronger immune system

●      Decreased blood pressure

●      Better circulation

Tips For Incorporating A Holistic Approach With Your Pet

Many hear holistic and think dollar signs. However, there are some small steps that pet owners can incorporate without spending a lot of money that will improve their pet's life. Some of those tips include:


Feeding pets a holistic diet with high-quality proteins, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids is essential. Using quality ingredients over meat by-products will improve a pet's health. It is also crucial to review the ingredients list on commercial pet food and know each component.

Get Professional Help

Socialising pets is vital so enlist the help of a professional early on if your pet is not getting along with other pets or people.

Develop a Relationship with Your Vet

Find a veterinarian that your pet is comfortable with and develop a great relationship. Develop a trusting relationship with the vet but do not.

Use Supplements

Ask your vet about supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids, flaxseed, and digestive enzymes.


As you have read, understanding the whole pet is why more pet owners are turning to holistic pet care - caring for the pet's whole body, mind, and spirit. The treatments, benefits, and tips to try now for pet owners are listed above. Trying these methods will give pets a happier, healthier life.

Author Bio:

Sierra Powell graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Writing. As a dog owner and lover of animals, she loves writing about the care of pets, including accessories, supplies, and holistic pet care. When she’s not writing, she loves to cook, sew, and go hiking with her dogs.

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