High Quality Dog Food - The Best Bone for Dog

  • 16/03/2017

I would like to share some information of why raw meaty bones are being the best choices to be feed to our dog as a very high quality dog food. But you have to make sure it is not a cooked bone as cooked bone gives more disadvantages rather than raw bone. The selection of bones for our dog must be specific and the choice must be benefit for our dog, not just because you from neighbour about the best bones to be feed for our dog.

Why bone is a high quality dog food?? It is because bones can provide several benefits to our dog such as:

Bones help improve dental health by helping to scrape away plaque, control tartar buildup, and maintain gum health. This diminishes bad breath, keeps teeth whiter, and reduces the risk of potentially serious dental problems.

Bones provide stimulating activity by entertaining your dog for hours and keeping his mind stimulated. This is especially important for older dogs who may not be as active.

Bones satisfy your dog's innate urge to chew, helping you to avoid destructive (and frequently expensive) chewing behavior from both puppies and adult dogs.

Bones relieve your puppy's teething pain and stimulate the growth of adult teeth.

Raw bones can be both safe and healthy providing you follow some guidelines. It is important to not feeding your dog without following guidelines because bones also can give negative impact to our dog if all the guidelines given are not been followed. To have a quality dog food, quality preparation and quality knowledge should be plant in our minds too.

There are two types of raw bone that we must know which is:
· Edible bones
· Recreational bones

Actually there are several types of raw bone such dental bones specific for your dog teeth, rawhide bone, natural beef bones, healthy chews and bones hard chew toys & treat. But these two edible bones and recreational is a simple type of bones that you can try for your dog.

Edible bones are the hollow, non weight-bearing bones of birds (typically chicken wings and chicken and turkey necks). They are soft, pliable, do not contain marrow, and can be easily crushed in a meat grinder.

These bones provide calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals which can be an essential part of your pup's balanced raw food diet.

Recreational bones - big chunks of beef or bison femur or hip bones filled with marrow -- don't supply significant dietary nutrition for your dog (they are not designed to be chewed up and swallowed, only gnawed on), but they do provide mental stimulation and are great for your pup's oral health.

When your dog chews on a raw recreational bone, especially a meaty one with cartilage and soft tissue still attached, his teeth get the equivalent of a good brushing and flossing. This helps to break down tartar and reduces the risk of gum disease.

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