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Guide To Take Care Of Stray Dogs In Your Locality

  • 19/08/2021

You must have come across them in your neighborhood. These are stray dogs that their previous owner has neglected or mistreated. A study by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP) found out that only 15% to 20% of the dog population return to their owners.

These dogs usually have various problems that may vary from physical and emotional illnesses. However, with love, you can provide the care it deserves. Here’s a guide to take care of stray dogs in your locality.

1.   Take the stray dog to a vet.

If you get a stray dog, it will help if you take it to a veterinarian as soon as you can. It’s essential to have information about your new furry acquisition. Stray dogs have some of the following health issues:

●      Fleas

●      Heartworm disease

●      Digestive issues

●      Kennel cough and canine influenza

●      Heartworm diseases

●      Canine distemper

●      Canine parvovirus

●      Trauma

●      Mange

●      Ticks

Taking the dog to the veterinarian will help determine the above diseases and provide the needed treatment. You should then take steps to protect yourself from rabies. The CDC reports that approximately 59000 deaths occur because of rabies. Even if it doesn’t seem rabid when taking him in, there’s a possibility of having rabies.

2.   Clean the stray dog

It would be best if you get the dog professionally cleaned. One way to do that is by using shampoo. People often give dogs sweets and biscuits that cause their skin and hair to become itchy and fall out. You might therefore ask yourself, “when do I use cleansing shampoo before test?” One can use the same cleansing hair detox shampoo for a dog to clean up for a drug test if they regularly take care of their pet.

3.   Create a conducive environment for the dog

One way to create a conducive environment for your dog is by feeding it. In most cases, neglected dogs are always hungry. You can offer some water to drink. It is conducive and looks emaciated; you can also provide some food. Provide the stray dog with a place to sleep. Would you mind giving them a soft blanket in a calm place to rest as they regain their energy?

4.   Provide emotional support for the stray dog


You can provide emotional support by establishing a routine for the dog. Dogs love it when they have practice. It makes them feel secure. For example, you can provide meals to the dog simultaneously or take it to walk at predictable times every day. You can also play with the dog. Dogs are social creatures. Playing with them makes them learn how to behave around you, as they also bond and exercise.


Many stray dogs need our care. We all can make a difference to man’s best friends by following the guide above to take care of stray dogs in your locality.

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