Get Rid Of A Flea On Dogs: 5 Must-Know Tips

  • 11/08/2018

As a dog owner, you are supposed to make life peaceful for your dog by providing a suitable environment and care for his health. You should be ready to combat flea attacks on your adorable pup anytime from the moment it steps into your house. Fleas are wingless bloodsuckers that can make the life of your innocent pup miserable. They attack when your dog comes in contact with an infected dog or environment harbouring the insect.

So, here are tips to get rid of fleas on your pup’s coat with ease. Ready? Let’s go!

1.        Inspect your dog properly

Don’t assume your dog has fleas because you saw some dark patches on his coat; inspect before jumping to conclusion. The good thing is that fleas are not invisible insects; you can identify them with your naked eyes.


•    Part your pup’s fur to properly view the skin

•    Carefully check the ear and close to the rump for fleas

•    Check the fur for flea dirt (dried blood digested by the insect)

2.      Get an active dog flea shampoo

A flea shampoo that is effective will have a combination of active ingredients that can kill fleas. That is why giving your dog a flea bath helps to reduce the flea population your pup is harbouring under his skin.


•    Make a flea collar with the shampoo around your pup’s neck

•    Choose a shampoo that can kill flea eggs, larvae and adult

•    Ensure the shampoo isn’t too harsh for your pup’s skin to avoid skin dryness.

Note: The flea collar created around your pup’s neck will prevent the fleas from running to his face when you start lathering other areas.

3.       Get a suitable flea comb

Using a flea comb will help to keep your pup healthy, well groomed and comfortable. But ensure the comb can clear out all sizes of fleas such as the larvae and eggs, and adult from pup’s skin. You can conduct an experiment by placing a white paper towel underneath your pup to catch the fleas drop from his fur. Another thing you need to do is to ensure your dog’s skin isn’t tangled while combing to avoid pain or discomfort.

4.      Use a powerful flea drug

Fleas can be tackled with medication. And if your dog is suffering badly from flea infestation, administering the right oral medication can help to offer immediate relief from the pain and discomfort that fleas can cause.  But the thing is these meds can only kill the adult fleas, and won’t do any harm to the larvae or eggs. So there is still a chance that more fleas can spring up as time progresses. The best thing to do is to combine oral medication with other flea treatment methods for effective result.

5.      Keep your home clean

There is no point wasting time to fight fleas on your dog if you cannot do proper cleanup after treating your dog. As a matter of fact, there might be a new population of fleas hanging around and waiting for your dog to step into his usual corner to start sucking his blood.

However, the best thing to do is by washing all the fabrics and bedding your dog has ever lied down on. Then use a strong detergent that can get rid of the adult fleas, eggs, and larvae.


Your pup needs to be happy all the time that is what makes you a good pet owner. So, you must check through his skin to ensure there is no sign of infection or fleas, on a regular basis. Also, make sure that their dog food and water is regularly changed so that infection from flea droppings can't further contaminate your pet. But if there is a sign of fleas living on your dog, then these five tips can help you get rid of them in a heartbeat. 

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