Fresh Dog Food Vs Dry Dog Food Which Provides Better Nutrition?

  • 22/09/2020
fresvsdry.jpgDo you take proper care of your dog’s diet? Canines need to be fed a well-balanced, nutritious diet for better digestion, good health, shiny coat, and long lifespan.

Most pet parents are hesitant when it comes to choosing the right food for their furry companions, wondering which ingredients are of the highest nutritive value. Canine owners are supposed to choose between dry and fresh dog food, each specific for its health benefits, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.

Read more about the difference between homemade dog meals and kibble so as to make the right choice.

Fresh food

Many canine parents opt to prepare homemade meals for their companions either in a cooked or raw form. Although these meals require more time and planning on the part of pet owners, dogs are provided with a source of high-quality protein, fresh vegetables, grains, bones, raw eggs, and muscle meat. In the course of preparing such meals, the ingredients are slightly processed, thus providing a myriad of health benefits to canines.

Moreover, homemade meals allow pet parents to be in control of their companions’ diet, as they choose and prepare the ingredients by themselves. You’ll no longer be wondering whether your canine consumes the necessary amount of protein, grains, and other nutrients.

In addition, feeding your canine companion fresh food is the most effective method of managing its weight. Most of the obesity cases in dogs are induced by improper diet, full of starches, additives, and preservatives. Keep in mind that overweight canines are at greater risk of experiencing joint damage, high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory issues, and cardiovascular disease.

Another advantage of fresh dog food is the ability to promote healthier digestion in these furry creatures. Due to the myriad of artificial ingredients, canines find kibble more difficult to digest, thus experiencing frequent bowel movements. In contrast, homemade meals are believed to be much easier for them to digest, which results in regular, less frequent stools. Visit this page to learn some useful tips about naturally strengthening your dog’s digestive tract.

Furthermore, using fresh and healthy ingredients as part of your companion’s diet may substantially increase its lifespan. Similar to humans, canines are affected by the low quality of commercial food, which triggers a myriad of health issues. Canned meals are likely to make your pet lethargic, obese, and susceptible to ailments and diseases. Keep in mind that fresh food is particularly beneficial for elderly dogs whose digestive tract is no longer capable of handling additives and preservatives.

Ultimately, feeding your furry friend homemade meals is likely to improve its skin and coat. Apart from allergies, poor diet is another common cause of skin problems in dogs, manifested with a dry and irritated coat. Conversely, a fresh diet, full of fatty acids, provides excellent skin hydration, softness, and a shiny coat.

Dry food

Besides homemade meals, many pet parents decide to feed dry food to their furry friends whose nutritional and calorie value is supposed to meet the necessary diet requirements. Kibble usually consists of protein ingredients, such as beef, poultry, or fish, as well as cereals, grains, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

Moreover, kibble is believed to provide canines with certain health benefits like healthy gums, minimized dental plague, and lower incidence of bacteria. Also, the risk of developing dental diseases is believed to be minimal. The following link,, explains the causes and symptoms of gum disease in canines, known as one of the most common dental issues in these furry creatures.

Many pet parents opt for kibble due to the convenience it provides in terms of storage, traveling, and shelf life. It can be stored literary anywhere without increasing the risk of getting rancid, which is why kibble is the ideal solution when taking trips with your companion. Additionally, it comes in a variety of flavors, shapes, and packaging, hence being suitable for a variety of dogs.

Additionally, kibble is considered the most cost-effective alternative, which makes it affordable for most pet parents. It requires no preparation on the part of owners, thus being the perfect choice for individuals with hectic schedules.

Bottom line

Your companion deserves a nutritious diet.

Put no price on its health!

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